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How the Atlanta Braves Hot Streak Shakes Up World Series Betting Odds

The Atlanta Braves seemed to be on absolute fire, on an 11-game win streak that may stretch to 12 tonight against the Nationals. This organization went from a fair amount of games below .500 to a bonafide second seed team in the NL East.

The Braves ‘ bats are unmatched during a stretch led by the efforts of Ronald Acuna and Austin Riley. Their team has improved their batting averages and found ways to get on base, and their aggressive play has garnered them well-deserved respect in the NL.

This success has impacted the league, and not only their divisional rivals but to the contenders, they may face in the playoffs. This team is no laughing matter, and they have only been able to prove this over the last month.

Why Bet on the Braves?

Usually, having one player improve their play at the plate is enough to help a team win. However, the Braves have multiple.

Duvall has a .210 average on the year, but in the last 15, he’s averaging .273. William Contreras, already one of the better hitters on the team, has .292 on the season and .313 in the last 15.

Those are just two of the more drastic ones, with batting average and OPS improving tremendously, skyrocketing the offensive production of this Atlanta roster.

Braves World Series Odds

The braves were always in decent contention for the world series, consistently staying on the leaderboard all season. However, their odds seemed more and more unlikely as the season progressed.

With their odds being at +1700 on June 4th, things started to seem bad for the Braves. Even with the newfound success, they were falling off the ladder, making their way down.

However, quicker than the blink of an eye, the team’s odds shoot up. They went from +1700 to +1200 in the span of a week, and not all seems lost for the Braves.

In just that amount of time, their odds beat out San Diego and Milwaukee, putting them at number 6 to win it all.

Around the League

This streak of success may have put the Braves in the spotlight, but it has made the path much rougher for those behind them. They are blazing a trail in the MLB and following that sort of momentum is difficult.

With the Braves making their impact, many of the top 10 teams have struggled to maintain their place. Of the teams left, the previously mention Milwaukee and San Diego along with Chicago and Tampa have gone down in the odds, with the Brewers being the most drastic.

This separates the Braves from the rest of the 6-10 spots and shows that their winning isn’t short-lived. If this team can maintain their spot in the conference, they could be an interesting Wild-Card team and is my personal Dark Horse to win the NL Championship.

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