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Are You the Parlay Kind of Gambler?

Parlays are wagers comprising several sports events predictions. Some gamblers like placing them due to their high payouts.

But, you need to make an accurate prediction for each event to win a parlay. Read on to learn more about parlays if they are your favorite wagers.

How to Place a Parlay

You can instruct a ticket writer to stake a particular amount of money on certain teams or fill a parlay card. You will place the wager at a bookie’s desk once you fill the card.

Also, you can win a parlay in two instances. The parlay, also known as a combo, wins if all your money lines, totals, and sides win. Even so, you can win if a game ends as a draw or it is canceled.

The pay schedule can be reduced. For example, if you placed a four-team baseball parlay, one match can be canceled, and three teams win. The bookmaker will settle the bet on three winners’ schedules.

Parlay Odds and Payouts

Bookies can have varying odds for various teams. So, it can be tricky to find sports with similar payouts and odds in a single parlay. Odds change drastically, and it is advisable to liaise with a ticket writer before you place a parlay at a sportsbook.

A parlay’s payout is fixed once you wager. Parlay odds and lines rarely change after you place a parlay bet, even if a game’s odds and lines move.

The bet won’t change even if lines move against you. Even so, you can place another parlay with a new line if lines change in your favor.

7 Popular Types of Parlays

Here are the most common parlays:

Point Spread

Handicappers assign point spreads to set even odds in a match. For instance, if Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Tennessee Titans, yet they are leading by 7 points, they need to win the match by over seven points. Spread wagers have a -11- juice. Thus, you need to stake $110 to get $100 when you wager in a match.

Basketball Parlays

College basketball parlays comprise several basketball selections that you have combined in one bet to boost your odds. Many college basketball matches take place simultaneously, thus making it difficult to place a straight bet on each game. The basketball parlays suit gamblers who place small stakes on bets with high odds.


You will back a certain team to win a match. You can add an underdog wager to increase your potential payout.


They entail predicting the total score in a football or basketball game. For example, if the Los Angeles Lakers play Milwaukee Bucks, the game can have an Over/Under 200.

Wagers on Over will win if both sides score over 200 points. If the total score is below 200, Under best will win. Typically, Over/Under bets have -110 odds, just like point spread bets.


The point spread on the matches you select favors you if you placed a teaser wager. Teasers resemble many totals or team wagers.

You can adjust the number of points and move their spread by up to 10 points. Teasers with more teams have a higher profit margin.

Round Robin

It constitutes several parlays that you have placed at once. The bet often comprises up to eight teams.

You will decide how you will tie the teams together in Round Robin. The total number of different parlays you have depends on your team combinations.

Parlay Cards

These marrow cards are common in many modern casinos. You need to fill in a numbered circle of the point spread or team you want to add to your wager. Parlay cards are common in football.

Sports enthusiasts can place basketball, eSports, or football parlays. You can create a parlay covering different sports.

It is important to understand parlay odds, how to place them, and the different types of parlays. They should have at least two selections.

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