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Premier Lacrosse League Playoff Odds

The Premier Lacrosse League playoffs begin this weekend in Foxborough, and I sit here planning my trip. As the time approaches, my phone buzzes every couple of seconds, and I start to get frustrated with the noise.

I grab my phone and see that my tweets are flooded. Moneylines, spreads, and prop bets from every corner of the platform. However, they were all labeled under a single sport. Lacrosse.

The hype for the Premier Lacrosse League playoffs is incredible, especially with the Summer coming to an end. Three games are being played on Saturday, and there is a lot of flexibility for your bank account.

Chaos vs. Chrome

There is a clear favorite during this game, especially with the difference in records. The Chaos have won two games on the season, and don’t seem capable of winning it all.

The Chrome own the spread at -1.5 (-125), leaving the Chaos behind with +1.5 (-105). The spread seems pretty set, especially with the Chrome resurgence this season. If the Chaos can keep this game within 1, betters will be cashing out some serious money.

The over/under is set at 22.5, the lowest Premier Lacrosse League mark of the weekend. The over is set at -135, but both teams have been fairly consistent in goal, making the final decision a bit more difficult.

The Chrome own the moneyline, dominating the Chaos at -190. The Chrome counterpart sits at +155. Of all the matches on Saturday, this one seems the most set in stone.

Redwoods vs. Archers

A more evenly matched game, but not by much. The spread is again dominated by the higher seed once again, with the Archers sharing the exact same odds as the Chrome.

The moneyline is fairly similar, with only a 10 point difference. The Archers are favorited at -180, while the Redwoods reach for the stars at +145.

Waterdogs vs. Atlas

My favorite game of the first round is the Atlas battling the Waterdogs. The last time they played was one of the best games of the season, with the Waterdogs using the power of Premier Lacrosse League retro jerseys to take down the Bulls.

The Atlas are favorites on the weekend, but only by a microscopic amount. The Atlas have the advantage on the spread at -1.5 (-110), and the Waterdogs fall short with +1.5 (-120). They are neck and neck to take the spread, but the Atlas have one of the best offenses in Lacrosse.

Round 1 is the highest scoring of the over/under’s, topping out at 25.5. The under is favored on the day, settling at -130, while the over is stumped at +100. However, these two teams are offensively driven, being No. 2 and No. 3 in offensive statistics.

The moneyline still remains strong, with the Atlas again at a heavy lead. However, this Premier Lacrosse League game will be the closest of them all, with the Bulls earning the -155 odds against the Waterdogs +125.

This game, paired with the other two previously listed, will add up to an intense Premier Lacrosse League weekend. The games will be close, as we haven’t seen a real blowout from any team in multiple weeks.

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