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PLL Championship Betting Odds – Semifinals bound

The first round of the PLL tournament has taken place, and the games were absolutely electric. I have already written a recap of last week’s games, and taking a look may help put this article into some context.

With that being said, the weekend was smothered in upsets. Two lower-ranked teams made it out of the first round, and now we get to see a weekend of top-dogs versus underdogs. With the recent upset of two teams, the betting odds have done backflips since we last took a look. The circumstances are different, but the goal remains the same. As these teams enter the semifinals, the odds have shifted, and now is the perfect time to place a bet.

Championship Odds

There are only 4 teams left in the bracket, and the standings look like this:

1. Whipsnakes (+160)
2. Archers (+210)
3. Waterdogs (+350)
4. Chaos (+500)

After an unbelievable upset by the Chaos last week, they took down the No. 2 seeded team in the playoffs. Before that game, in my PLL End of Regular Season Championship Odds article, the Chaos were listed as +1600 in championship odds. After the win, dropping 1100 is more than reasonable.

The Waterdogs being so close behind the Archers is also great to see, as the Dogs’ offense was on fire this past weekend. Kieran McArdle is my attackman of the year, and his dominance on offense makes this a great moneyline.

The Archers at +210 seems a little disrespectful. I would love to see them at +190 or less, but they are the No. 3 seed for a reason. Putting up 19 points throughout the game against a great Redwoods defense is a feat on its own, regardless of whether Eddy Glazener was hurt.

The Whipsnakes are undoubtedly the number 1 contender, and their odds actually decrease from +150 to +160 this week. I would have believed if it went in the opposite direction, seeing as the slightly worse regular season team is their matchup.

Game Lines

The Whipsnakes and Waterdogs game is the first of the semifinals, with a great matchup of flashy offense and gritty defense. Kieran McArdle and Michael Sowers need to run them into the ground and take an early lead to comfort them.

The Whipsnakes are favorites, going -1.5 in the spread. However, the under of 24.5 is favored this weekend, which makes sense due to the Snakes’ defensive presence.

The Chaos and Archers game is a bit less proportional. The Archers own the spread at -1.5, but what makes it interesting is that it’s at a rate of -130. PLL betters really have no confidence in the Chaos right now.

After Josh Byrne turned on the jets for the first 6 points of the game, betting on the over/under is incredibly tempting. Sitting at 23.5, there’s a lot of room for flexibility.

What can be said about both of these games is that they are winnable by all parties. The Atlas and Chrome were knocked out early on, and both were easy favorites to make a deep run. Anything can happen, making betting on the game just as exciting.

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