Betting Against Djokovic in a 2021 Grand Slam is Not a Good Idea

Betting Against Djokovic in a 2021 Grand Slam is Not a Good Idea

WOW! There is nothing else to say about Novak Djokovic and his rise to greatness over the past decade and a half. He has been absolutely incredible and has edged himself past Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal as the best player in men’s singles. Since 2011 he has won 19 total grand slams, including the most recent Wimbledon.

Betting Against Djokovic | Just Don’t

The current No. 1 ranked player in the world has been exceptional throughout this decade not only in Grand Slams but in the ATP as well. His record in Grand Slams shows just how dominant he really is, even compared to the other 2 legends he has to face off against. Djokovic has an incredible career record of 317-45 in Grand Slam matches. That’s more than Rafael Nadal and a better winning percentage than Roger Federer.

Not to mention that he also just tied those two for the most grand slams ever with 20, and he is not done yet. This is the 3rd time in his career that he has won 3 grand slams in a calendar year; he did it in 2011 and 2015. There is more on the line with the US Open now. Before he had lost only in the French Open those two years and was not able to rewrite history and win all 4 grand slams in a year.

Now that he defeated the “King of Clay” Rafael Nadal in the French Open this year, all he needs to do is win the US Open, which he has done three times. The only other person to have won 3 grand slams in a year three times is Roger Federer. But once again, now Djokovic can push himself even further past Federer as he has done this entire decade.

This year he was able to tie Nadal for the most ATP Master 1000s with 36, and pass Federer for most weeks at No. 1 in the rankings with 329 weeks. Djokovic also has the most year-ends at No. 1 with 6, compared to Federer’s and Nadal’s 5.

Dominating 2021

Since that terrible ending to his 2020 grand slam season; he was disqualified from the US Open after he struck a linesman with a tennis ball. Djokovic has bounced back tremendously by winning the first 3 grand slams in dominating fashion I must say.

Everyone expects him to win the Australian Open every year because it seems like he does. He has won 9 Australian Opens, the highest amount for him in any slam, and has won the last 3 consecutive finals only dropping 11 sets in that span.

As mentioned earlier he was able to take down Rafael Nadal in this year’s French Open, marking the first time he has won since 2016. It was not easy for him, as he had to come back from down 2 sets to none in both the fourth and final rounds. He also had to take down Nadal in the semi-final before facing off against the young Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Things got much much easier for Djokovic as the reigning champion made his return to the grass courts in London. He dropped his first set of the tournament but then won 15 straight sets to find his way back into the Final for the third straight time. Just like the Australian Open, he was able to claim his 3rd consecutive grand slam and put himself in the record books by doing so

With just the US Open left, he will surely look to dominate that tournament as well and redeem himself for his previous two 4th round exits.

There is a lot of tennis left to be played in Novak’s career and it has been truly remarkable to see what he has done in just a short period of time. These past 10 years have been action-packed with excitement in each grand slam that he plays in, and to stir up some controversy, if he does not get injured in 2017 he would have at least 22 grand slams right now.

Betting against Djokovic in a grand slam is not a smart idea – you would be stupid to do so. This man is on fire and will continue to set the tennis courts on fire.

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