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Disappointing Angels World Series and MVP Betting Odds

With almost a third of the MLB season being complete, the good teams and the bad start to grow in distance. Elite teams take control of their divisions, while the worse teams fall down the rabbit hole. However, the most important part of this time of year is weeding out the teams that are only good in the short term and seeing them slide down the standings like Chutes and Ladders.

One of those teams in question is the Los Angeles Angels. On May 7th, they were a top team in baseball, having a great 18-10 record. Fast forward to May 20th, with a still respectable 24-17 record, they held their ground against the best in the league.

Now LA is 27-28, losing all of their last 10 games. Mike Trout has gotten his first hit on June 6th against the Red Sox since May 28th against Toronto. To put this into perspective, Trout has gone 1-26 since May 29th. He’s lucky I’m finishing this article now, because the only thing keeping him from batting .000 is his hit against Boston, and that game is being played at this very moment.

World Series Top 5

According to DraftKings, these are the World Series Top 5 in betting odds:

  • Dodgers (4.25-1)
  • Yankees (5.5-1)
  • Astros (6.5-1)
  • Mets (8-1)
  • Brewers (11-1)


The Angels were ranked 8th by DraftKings in last week’s rankings, and they’ve fallen all the way to 14th (+3500). With an uncharacteristically poor stretch by Trout and Ohtani playing fairly above average on the mound and at the plate, this team is imploding. Seeing them fall is not surprising

Toronto has been playing on fire, going 8-2 in their last 10. With Vladimir Guerrero Jr. playing like a true AL MVP contender, this team should be one to watch. With the team batting at an elite level ranking 9th in the league, the Blue Jays are on an uphill trend that could see them gaining ground in the World Series race.

AL MVP Top 5

  • Shohei Ohtani (+200)
  • Aaron Judge (+275)
  • Mike Trout (+450)
  • Jose Ramirez (+1200)
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (+1800)


Rafael Devers is playing out of his mind on a Boston team on an uprise. Batting a ridiculous .341 on the season, he’s the spark Boston needs to level up their game and contend for the number 2 spot in the AL East.

NL MVP Top 5

  • Mookie Betts (+300)
  • Manny Machado (+350)
  • Paul Goldschmidt (+800)
  • Bryce Harper (+900)
  • Pete Alonso (+1000)


C. J. Cron is having a standout, career year for the Rockies. On pace to break personal bests in batting average, hits, RBIs, runs, and home runs. What holds him most back from the top of the MVP ladder is his team’s success, with Colorado sitting at the bottom of the NL West.

What To Expect

With things starting to slow down for some teams and speed up for others, it shows us again and again how baseball is a game of momentum.

With only a third of the season complete, the Angels may very well find their way out of the gutter carried by Trout’s elite hitting and Ohtani’s work on the mound. The top contenders may fall due to injury or straight-up bad play.

It’s too early to tell. America’s favorite pastime has much more ground to cover in 2022, and the league may shake up even more.

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