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Manchester City Chases Third Premier League Title in a Row

The 21st century is a great time to be a Manchester City F.C. supporter. The Citizens have been in the Premier League since 2002. The club was purchased in 2008 by the Abu Dhabi United Group.

The infusion of investment into the team sparked an unprecedented era of success. Under the new ownership group, the Citizens have won the Premier League six times since 2011. They’ve won the FA Cup twice and consistently get deep into the knockout stages of the Champions League. The Citizens are still waiting to reach that European pinnacle of success.

Domestically, they’ve more or less owned the Premier League in recent years. They’re in 2nd place in the league, eight points behind table-leading Arsenal. If the Citizens can overtake them, they’ll join their rivals Manchester United in the annals of Premier League history of teams who have won the league three seasons successively.

The path to doing that is difficult. It will test the depth of the squad, the adept management of the manager Pep Guardiola, and a little luck. Let’s see what Manchester City has to do.

The Next 2 Months of the Season Are Critical for Manchester City

After dropping two points against relegation candidate Everton, the Sky Blues are in for a rough run in the Premier League over the next month. Starting on January 14th, they go on a run where they face local rivals Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur twice, and table-leading Arsenal, all before February 15th.

They’ll also start back in Champions League games, where they face off against RB Leipzig. There is little room for error in both competitions, so the team will rely upon its resources and depth while hoping Arsenal stumbles the rest of the way.

Return of World Cup Players and a Rested Haaland

A total of 16 players from Manchester City played in the recent World Cup in Qatar. While that may cause some concern, one of their biggest stars, Erling Haaland, has been resting for the past month.

Haaland has 21 goals in 15 matches so far this year. The single-season record is held by Alan Shearer and Ian Cole, with 34 in a season. With 23 games left, Haaland should break the single-season record.

The Citizens are slowly reincorporating their World Cup players back into the fold. This week at Chelsea, they expect to return Argentine midfielder Julian Alvarez, fresh off a World Cup championship run.

Phil Foden and Joao Cancelo have returned as well. With Manchester City, top players sit on the bench every game. They will need their whole roster to secure the Premier League title.

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