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Kansas Mobile Betting Is On The Way

2022 is going to be another big year for the U.S. sports betting industry and it appears as if Kansas is set to get involved. A bill was recently introduced in a move toward Kansas Mobile Betting. It would legalize both retail and online sports betting in the state. 


House Bill 2740 will go before the House Federal and State Affairs Committee next week, and that will be the first major step for this piece of legislation. Lawmakers in the state will remain in session through May 20, and that could provide enough time for approval.


Sports betting is now legal in 30 states and Washington D.C., but that number is expected to climb throughout 2022. There is some optimism that Kansas will join the list, but there is still plenty of work that has to be done. 


This bill is still in the early stages, but some of the important language has already been included. According to HB2740, betting on both college and professional sporting events would be included. 


An official list of legal sports will be included in the legislation at some point, but one major restriction has already been included. Betting on events in which most of the participants are 18 or under will not be legal. 


A long list of betting options will also be approved in the Kansas Mobile Betting sector, but that is another area where some debate will come in. This will would have to be approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate before going to Governor Laura Kelly for a signature. 

A Dozen Licenses Possible

If this current bill is the one that eventually turns into a law then there could be as many as 12 online sportsbooks available in Kansas. This bill would be an amendment to the expanded lottery act, and the casinos in the state would be eligible to offer sports betting. 


The Kansas Gaming and Racing Commission would be in charge of regulating the sports betting industry, and that group would issue the licenses. According to the bill, all four of the sports betting licenses would come with three skins apiece. 


A sports betting skin allows that casino to partner with an online sports betting operator. Having 12 potential options would create a competitive market in Kansas, and the state should attract some of the top operators. 

Pressure From Neighboring States

One of the biggest reasons that Kansas is looking to legalize sports betting is that neighboring states are also looking to do the same. Missouri and Oklahoma have been working on bills of their own, and there is optimism in those states as well.


Colorado has had legal sports betting since May 2020 and that state has seen Kansas residents crossing over the border to place wagers. Because Colorado has sports betting up and running, Kansas would have to allow for statewide mobile wagering to keep those bettors in the state. 


Nebraska is another state that has approved legal sports betting, but sports betting has not yet launched.

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