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The World’s Most Famous Sports Bettors

There are estimated to be over 19 million online sports bettors this year. The sports betting world has grown dramatically over the past few years, leading to the rise of famous sports bettors.

With more and more online sports books being created, it is extremely easy to be able to bet on sports with the click of a button. There are many online sportsbooks such as Fanduel, Draft Kings, Caesars Sportsbook, BETMGM, Pointsbet, Betway, Foxbet Sportsbook, HardRock Online Sportsbook, etc. As the number of online sportsbooks grows, so does the amount of bettors.

Famous Sports Bettors: Parlay Patz

One of the craziest and most recent successful sports bettors is a man named Ben Patz; however, the gambling world knows him as “Parlay Patz”. Patz is a 24-year-old kid from Napa, California.

A little over a year ago, Patz became famous for being a 23-year-old millionaire due to sports gambling. Patz got his nickname from hitting a crazy amount of parlays. One of his most famous parlays is a 15-team parlay where he risked 1,800 dollars to win over 237,000 dollars.

It is almost impossible to hit a 15-team parlay, considering all 15 teams have to win to cash the ticket. Parlays are the hardest bet to hit in sports betting and are what Vegas and sportsbooks profit the most off of.

Patz began gambling at the age of 18, but once he was 23, his winnings accounted for over a million dollars in winnings.

Famous Sports Bettors: Billy Walters

Billy Walters is known to be the most successful and intelligent bettor of all time. Walter did not grow up wealthy and learned how to gamble from his father.

The rumor is that Walters began gambling when he was nine years old and, since then, has managed to earn over 200 million dollars. Due to Walter’s ridiculous success, he eventually got banned from Sin City Las Vegas.

One of Walter’s best bets was winning 3.5 million dollars on the Indianapolis Colts over the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XLIV.

Anthony Grant Bloom Turns Dreams Into Reality

Anthony Grant Bloom, known as Tony the Lizard, is a fan favorite sports bettor who turned his dreams into real life. Tony was so successful in sports gambling that he eventually made enough money to buy ownership of Brighton and Hove Albion soccer club in England.

Hove Albion soccer club was his favorite sports team growing up because it was in his hometown. This is every sports fan’s dream, to make enough money in sports betting to eventually be able to buy your team is a life everyone wishes they could live.

Tony began betting at a young age and developed a strategy that does not always work for sports bettors. He learned that to win big, you have to risk big, which can have its consequences.

These are all talented and successful sports bettors; however, remember there are many more failed sports bettors than successful ones.

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