Simplebet and INTRALOT Expand Their Solution to MLB and the NBA

Simplebet and INTRALOT Expand Their Solution to MLB and the NBA

Expanding on their relationship that unveiled micro-betting products for the NFL playoffs, Simplebet and INTRALOT have announced that their latest development in real money sports betting technology will be used for Major League Baseball (MLB) and NBA game wagering through GamebetDC and at SportsBet Montana locations. The technology makes live game wagering possible at any time during the action, with virtually millions of betting combinations available.

Simplebet, a sports betting technology leader, and INTRALOT, a lottery system provider in Washington, D.C., and Montana, are teaming up to introduce groundbreaking products that are the first to provide automated wagering opportunities for the NBA and MLB. The introduction of novel products beyond the NFL is just another example of the growth in sports-related betting, lottery, and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in the last several years.

After the introduction of Simplebet’s solution to GamebetDC’s NFL options for the playoffs, it made up 25% of their NFL action. What amounted to a pilot for the technology showed that there would be a viable market for live, in-game micro-betting and the addition of other sports and leagues was a natural extension.

Continuing Trends

The announcement is just the latest in a long line of developments that have seen the lines between sports betting, DFS, and state lotteries become increasingly blurred since the flurry of legalized sportsbooks began occurring in states since 2018. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that year that sports betting would no longer be the sole purview of the state of Nevada and that all states had the right to make the practice legal.

To date, 25 states have approved some form of sports betting, with different combinations of retail and mobile opportunities available depending on the specific guidelines established by each individual state. There is an additional number, most recently Florida, that have legislation in some stage of approval by legislatures.

INTRALOT has been providing solutions to the lottery industry since 1992, so the natural progression would be for them to be heavily involved in integrating sports betting alternatives to their offerings. It’s a similar situation in which DraftKings, FanDuel, and other online DFS operators found themselves when sports betting began its legal growth.

The underlying technology that enabled high volume, online, and mobile DFS activity was such that it could be migrated to meet the needs required for online sportsbooks. As a result, DraftKings and FanDuel have been among the leaders in applying for and receiving approval to operate sportsbooks in a number of states.

The lottery boards in many states are also responsible for the management and oversight of legal sportsbook activities, so the involvement of companies like INTRALOT is a natural progression. A prudent way for them to proceed is to partner with an entity like Simpebet that specializes in sports betting technology instead of spending the money to develop their own solution.

The sports betting industry is in an explosive growth mode, so announcements of this nature from Simplebet and INTRALOT are certain to continue very well into the future.


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