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Pilot Games Continue Minnesota Partnerships with Twins Deal

Pilot Games, an industry leader charitable electronic pull tab and linked bingo games, have formed a partnership with the Minnesota Twins. Pilot Games was founded in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 2014, and the company has never lost touch with its roots.

The company has already formed partnerships with the Minnesota Wild of the NHL and Minnesota Vikings of the NFL.

About Pilot Games

Pilot Games creates causal and innovative pull tab and linked bingo games. The contests are distributed via Pilot Games charitable gambling for licensed businesses. Some typical companies that use Pilot Games in Minnesota are bars, restaurants, and social clubs.

Pilot offers a fun and safe way for players to game in a charitable manner.

Partnering with the Twins

Pilot Games has announced the release of two new games for Pilot’s platform. One game is called “Twins Win,” and it’s an exciting pull tab game. It will be unique because Pilot has incorporated multiple bonus opportunities like “The Home Run Derby.”

Players choose a lucky batter in the game, and if their prediction is correct, they are rewarded with bonuses. Pilot Games thinks this feature is going to be a massive hit amongst players. Pilot Games will also be releasing a Twins themed linked bingo game.

Comments from Pilot Games and the Twins

Jon Weaver, the Co-Founder and CEO of Pilot Games, spoke after the announcement.

“The COVID-19 pandemic this past year has been a real challenge for Minnesota charities and their bar business partners. Pilot Games and the Minnesota Twins are proud to support charities at over 1,400 sites with the new Twins Win electronic pull tab and Twins Bingo linked bingo game. Partnerships with the Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Wild and now the Minnesota Twins allows Pilot to deliver micro-market games that appeal to our players and team fans – while raising critical funds for local charities.”

The Twins’ Senior Vice President of Ticket Sales and Brand Partnership Mike Clough also shared his excitement for partnering with Pilot.

“The new Twins Win game gives an innovative way to reach fans while supporting local Minnesota charities and bar businesses.”

The announcement of the Twins partnership could not come at a better time for Pilot Games. The company recently released Let’s Go Wild, which was a game branded after the Minnesota Wild. Pilot Games has reached players in 1,400 locations in Minnesota thanks to the balance of sports branded and unique games.

Pilot Games has awarded $3 billion in player prizes since the company launched in 2014. In 2017, the company started to grow at an unprecedented rate. The latest deal with the Twins will continue Pilot’s excellence for years to come.

The one downfall of the partnership with the Twins is that the team is not playing well currently. Minnesota is 18-29 and in fourth place in the American League Central. Many people predicted Minnesota to win the division.

There is still a lot of time left in the season, but the Twins must start playing better baseball to claim any titles in 2021.

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