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Ohio Sports Betting Launch Nearing

When lawmakers in the state of Ohio were able to pass a bill to legalize sports betting, it did so by including a mandatory launch date. Sports betting had to go live no later than January 1, 2023, and that was a date that many believed was pushed too far out in the future.

The January 1 date is quickly approaching and it’s now starting to look like things aren’t going to be ready to go by that time. The Ohio Casino Control Commission is working around the clock behind the scenes, but there is way too much to get done.

There will be three different types of sports betting set to launch on January 1, and it has created a mess for the Casino Control Commission. The mobile sports betting licensing process is going smoothly, but there is a huge backlog of applications for retail sportsbooks and those companies that want to have a sports betting kiosk.

The Casino Control Commission is now working seven days a week to start to process through the applications and do research on all of the applicants. Ohio is not expected to hand out anywhere close to 50 mobile licenses by January 1, but the list of applicants continues to grow.

Ohio made several different attempts to legalize sports betting, and choosing a regulatory body was one of the biggest discussions. Ohio is surrounded by states with legal sports betting, and it should be able to compete with those states right away.

Some Newer Options

When sports betting does finally launch in the state of Ohio, bettors are going to see some very familiar faces leading the charge. BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel Sportsbook are all going to be live in the state of Ohio, but there will be some new options as well.

Sites such as Betr and Underdog have applied for a sports betting license in Ohio, and they should be included in the list of 50 sportsbook operators that receive a license. 50 mobile licenses feels like way too many, but it will help to create a competitive market.

Regulating most of the top online sportsbooks won’t be a difficult task, but there are just too many companies out there right now that still don’t know or understand how this industry works.

Betting Throughout the State

Mobile sportsbooks will allow bettors to place wagers from anywhere in the state, but there are also going to be retail locations in all parts of the state. There are other states that allow for sports betting kiosks, but not at the level and volume that will be found in the state of Ohio.

The Casino Control Commission has already handed out over 800 licenses to offer sports betting kiosks, and there is still a long list of applicants waiting for approval. The Ohio State Lottery was given 1,300 pre-approved locations as soon as the law was set up.

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