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NASCAR and BettorView Form Partnership to Drive Engagement

NASCAR is making some moves outside of the track that are geared towards a better engagement for fans. Just recently, NASCAR and BettorView joined forces, which is sports betting marketing and technology platform. 

The newest deal will allow various NASCAR content at select locations that are legal in their respective state for sports betting. BettorView makes its first appearance in the professional sports betting landscape and is looking to provide a spark for the industry in racing. 

NASCAR and BettorView Seeking Positive Returns

It is no secret that NASCAR is increasing its foothold in the sports betting market. This new deal is an interesting decision since BettorView is making their debut with a major professional league. 

However, BettorView is not new to the betting scene or a rookie when it comes to what they offer. Indeed, their services are one of a kind. 

The following are what they are capable of for each venue they access:

  • On screen touch technology 
  • Brand ambassador activations 
  • Digital content marketing 

Everything that BettorView has to offer could likely complement NASCAR’s growth. For every location that BettorView has contact with, they will be promoting NASCAR’s name. 

The content will be displayed among 1000’s of restaurants, bars, stadiums and of course NASCAR’s tracks to utilize betting. With NASCAR’s playoffs approaching soon, what better way to implement the new technology. 

What BettorView Brings to the Market

BettorView’s technology and sports betting experience is definitely a great look for NASCAR’s betting appeal. The deal with NASCAR could create a positive long-term solution to help drive fan engagement and returns on their investment. 

The vision of BettorView corresponds well with what NASCAR is looking to offer. Think about fan engagement, enhanced betting experiences, and the need to be innovative in the gaming space. 

With previous success among hundreds of hospitality chains, bars, and professional sports teams, it makes sense that these two joined forces. BettorView has desired to make sure that both the customer and the provider are taken care of. 

NASCAR’s Most Recent Deal Compliments Other Moves

Looking at the last two years, NASCAR has made a few moves to position itself in a winning opportunity. These include world-class brands to better implement a sports betting atmosphere within the sport. 

The beauty of the recent move is that NASCAR already has other important deals in place that have provided positive returns along the way. For example, the list below are the brands so far and what they have to offer:

  • Sportradar as NASCAR’s integrity partner
  • BetGenius as their data provider
  • Penn National Gaming, BetMGM, and WynnBET as their Authorized Gaming Operators
  • IMG Arena as their international streaming partner
  • EquiLottery and LEAP for their lottery and virtual gaming needs

In addition to those deals, NASCAR has also launched a section located on their website to help fans get a better idea of sports betting. By following their website, look for “betcenter” to showcase a friendly library of sports betting information. 

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