Bets during Baseball Season Officially Being Launched in New Jersey

New Jersey, one of the largest gambling states in America, is adding another iGaming platform. has announced that the platform is launching in the state through a partnership with QuickChek.

This partnership is unique because it’s being formed between an internet company and a brick-and-mortar convenience store. This relationship may be atypical, but it appears to be a perfect match in New Jersey, where iGaming is valued. Officially Being Launched is a registered courier of the New Jersey Lottery. The site is unique because it’s only the second registered courier for a state lottery throughout the country. The company, which is headquartered on the Hudson River, has the goal of modernizing the traditional lottery.

In addition to modernizing the lottery, is also looking to give back to the community. Leaders have promised that they will aid state funding and donate some of the proceeds to benefit NJ residents, including teachers, police, firefighters, and other state employees.

Sports betting has allowed New Jersey to climb to insurmountable heights in the industry, and the hope is that will add to the economy’s iGaming prowess. CEO Thomas Metzger spoke about his company launching in New Jersey after the news was announced.

“Our team is here to promote the lottery in a way no one else imagined – a digital first user-centric way that requires no app downloads or deposits. At, we are on a mission to increase contributions to good causes, tying them to every ticket sold. To help us achieve this, we’ve partnered with QuickChek, a leader in convenience and service. Coupling this offering with our best-in-class lottery distribution platform, we are able to deliver a seamless online experience for players in the most secure way possible.”

What is the is for the next generation of lottery players. The site does not offer a mobile app, which the company views as a positive. Players can access the website from any mobile device, so it’s a universal process for lottery play.

Websites are still popular despite the belief that mobile apps are more convenient. Over half of eCommerce sales are not occurring on mobile apps, showing the prominence of standard websites. is unique because of its platform philosophy, and this helps the lottery provider stand out in the iGaming industry. The site does not make users add money into their accounts in advance, enabling players to only pay for what they want to play.

Sportsbooks and other iGaming providers always desire massive deposits, which does not work for every person. No minimal payments and the exclusivity to a browser have helped the site attract users.

QuickChek Vice President of Marketing and Operations, Don Leech, could not be more excited about the partnership.

“We are no stranger to today’s digital world as we have been providing consumers with convenience through mobile ordering, our mobile rewards app, and the ability to order delivery online. Our partnership with will enable us to further meet the needs of consumers who prefer to shop and play online.”

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