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Oscar de la Hoya and KO Entertainment Presents Bally’s Fight Night

Bally‘s and KO Entertainment, a subsidiary of Golden Boy Promotions, Inc. by Oscar de la Hoya, has been in talks of forming a deal. This new partnership would be monumental to fans and the mixed martial arts scene.

The relationship would enable innovative features that would offer fans second to none experiences. There will be a broadcasted pilot of Oscar de la Hoya’s KO Entertainment Presents Bally’s Fight Night, which is a reimagined version of boxing and MMA.

When it is presented, it will discuss the first development in the 2.0 gamification in combat sports. This allows a new perspective on combat sports as a whole.

What the Deal Features

Bally’s Fight Night will showcase five professional MMA and four professional boxing events. The kicker is, it will be presented in a video gaming type of presentation.

The technology that is going to be used will feature high-quality sensors and specific data to help track a variety of stats and features. For example, it will be tracking punching force and combination punches thrown and landed in real-time.

In combination with sports science, the data collected will be presented in a “power bar” on the screen, kind of like a video game would be. It would be summarizing the amount of damage a fighter takes and absorbs.

Bally’s and KO Entertainment, a subsidiary of Golden Boy Promotions, Inc. by Oscar de la Hoya, has been in talks of forming a deal.

Data Collected Could Provide Better Insight

As Bally’s is collecting, processing, and implementing their data into these later broadcasts, Bally’s, in addition to KO Entertainment, will be able to unload state-of-the-art experience. This, in turn, will help establish a better rewarding and safer opportunity for fighters but also allowing transparency.

In addition, this will allow for the expansion of gamification on these combat sports and the viewing process. Bally’s also wants to show off their Monkey Knife Fight, which is their daily fantasy sports platform, into the live broadcasts.

The data could prove to be useful on every aspect of content they provide as well as the bettor’s point of view enhancing. Even if fans do not understand some of the technical terms of fighting, they can still find it easier to read or learn more through the information provided by the data.

Bally’s and Golden Boy Promotions Ready for the Change

Bally’s knows the opportunity is huge at this point, especially with the latest moves they have been making elsewhere in the betting industry. Their media presence and gaming, in addition to what Golden Boy brings to the table, make it a one-of-a-kind option for MMA and combat sports.

Oscar de la Hoya and his team have stated that they have the utmost respect for Bally’s and what they bring to the sport. By joining forces and evolving this type of product, the future appears quite bright.

Bally’s Fight Night has made the statement showing Mike Goldberg will be covering the play-by-play, former UFC welterweight title challenger Frank Trigg as another commentator, and Holly Sonders as the social host and reporter on the scene.

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