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Football Genius App Allows Bets on Every Play

Washington,D.C. – Football Genius, the new play-by-play (PxP) sports betting and gaming application is turning heads from both U.S. sports bettors and those within the sports betting industry after a successful rollout during the NFL Wildcard playoff weekend. 

With the Football Genius app, the first of its kind to hit the market in the U.S., bettors can bet on every single play of a game, with updated odds and betting options generated based on the outcome of the previous play. The technology was developed over the last decade working with NFL and major college football teams. The company has been gearing up to release the latest version in time for the NFL playoffs. Football Genius is paying out cash to winners in the full slate of playoff games. 

Casey Huke, CEO of Adrenaline, the company behind Football Genius app, said the response from the opening weekend of NFL playoff games shows the appetite is there from bettors who want more than just an opening line or over/under bet. 

“We continue to refine the process and make the game better,” he said. “The response from the wildcard weekend proves to us that there is huge demand in the U.S. for play-by-play betting. This demand will only grow and we are in a great position in having a product already in the market to meet that demand.”

Football Genius is built off a series of patents that enhance the product offering of in-play betting. The patents address not only placing bets during a game but also allow for betting on each play. Other patents that Adrenaline owns address latency issues as the game is being played, ensuring the action on the field matches what is being shown in the interface. 

Having a proven product in the market, with the full capability of paying out winners in each game, not only addresses the demand but shows the industry that a PxP betting solution isn’t a “pie in the sky” idea or something to think about for the future.

“We have proven the concept out and delivered it to the market,” he said. “We have done this in a way that directly addresses why most people in the industry think the market isn’t ready for this right now.” 

The proof of concept is being played out as all NFL playoff games for the 2021 season are on Football Genius. Huke said as more partners come on board the platform can be scaled up to include games from all major sporting events and leagues. 

About Adrenaline

Adrenaline is a technology service provider in the digital sports betting and gaming space. The company spent more than a decade developing an in-game, play-by-play betting solution built on patented technology. Its proprietary product, Football Genius, is the first PxP betting solution in the U.S. market built on patented and protected intellectual property today. You can follow the Football Genius game on Twitter @FBallGenius or download directly in the Apple App store here

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