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DraftKings Sportsbook is Set to Launch in Oregon

On Wednesday, DraftKings Sportsbook announced that the company will incorporate its full app in the state of Oregon by January 18th. Oregon launched sports betting in August 2019, but bettors across the state were limited to the ScoreBoard app due to the state’s lottery rules.


What is DraftKings’ Effect on Oregon’s Sports Betting Market 

With this change, DraftKings will be the only legal sportsbook operator in the state

Oregon Lottery‘s Matt Shelby believes it is a significant change and a big win for the market. He went on to say, “We’re really excited about it. DraftKings is a big player in the U.S. market. We think their platform is an easier platform to use. It’s actually going to offer some new betting options for folks.”

DraftKings’ SBTech has been backing up the Scoreboard app since the day it launched. DraftKings will take over the operation to improve the overall experience for new and existing customers moving forward. 

DraftKings will use its resources to build a presence from coast to coast. 

This is good timing with the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl being close.

 The Oregon Lottery director stated, “We see benefits for Lottery too, as the shift to DraftKings means fewer third-party service providers and a simpler financial structure for player accounts.”

DraftKings is already live and accepting wagers in numerous states. The newest state to allow DraftKings to enter was New York. The newest member in the sports betting market witnessed approximately 17.2 million transactions in the first two days of operation.


Why the State Decided to Switch to DraftKings 

DraftKings has been building up its reputation in Oregon for a while. This will not be an issue for customers that have been using the Scoreboard to place wagers. Current customers will be able to create an account on DraftKings Sportsbook and will be able to transfer their funds in their Scoreboard account to DraftKings.

The Scoreboard app will not disappear entirely because there are still bets currently open and are yet to be settled. However, most of the app’s functionality will no longer be operational.

Bettors will have access to important information like the transactions, history account information and can withdraw their funds for up to six months post-transition. Oregon’s first sportsbook launch did not allow bettors to place wagers on college football.

In August of last year, the Oregon Lottery Commission unanimously approved the switch to DraftKings Sportsbook. The transition was in the works for a while, as DraftKings was first mentioned in a meeting in February.

DraftKings will be the exclusive sportsbook in Oregon, just like the company did in New Hampshire. The question is if Oregon’s sports betting market will have enough to finally take off. Oregon is home to 4.24 million people and had a total sports betting handle of $298 million through eleven months in 2021.

DraftKings is now Oregon’s exclusive sportsbook.

New Hampshire may have a bigger market than Oregon; however, DraftKings is a reputable sportsbook. The company can certainly use its marketing strategies to help the Oregon sports betting market take off.

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