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Connecticut Seeks to Launch Sports Betting platforms within the State

Another state will be joining the sports betting industry this week. After seeing what the state of New Jersey has accomplished right after adopting the bill, it was only a matter of time when other states across the country would join to partake in the booming industry.

Launch Date for the State of Connecticut

Good news for the residents of Connecticut as sports bettors within the state will not have to travel outside of the state to place a wager. Residents can soon use reputable books that reside or have partnerships with other US-based companies.

If successful, bettors around the state will have no need to use an offshore betting site. Just last month sports betting kicked off its commencement of a new era as placing wagers was only allowed in a few casinos.

The path of pushing for statewide online sports gambling has taken longer than anticipated but it could be worth the wait as the Department of Consumer Protection announced last week that the planned date for the soft launch was October but it was delayed for an unknown reason.

However, a seven-day soft launch will begin tomorrow October 12th as both the Mohegan Tribe and Mashantucket Pequot Tribe seem to be on the same page. Mohegan teamed up with FanDuel while Mashantucket has partnered with DraftKings.

Many tribes across the country are still adamant about allowing the option to place a wager on sports betting within the casino and online due to the rules and regulations set years ago. The only thing remotely close to sports betting that was available to the public in some states was horse racing.

It’s important to note for the potential customers in the state that this is a test run as the number of customers allowed to engage in the soft launch and the number of hours operators with licenses can stay open are very limited.

For example, Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot have some rules laid out as the soft launch is taking place. Online casino gaming will be limited and must be approved by the Department of Consumer Protection, over 100 games.

There will be no live-dealer, peer-to-peer online gaming and apps will be limited to 750 users on every app.

The hours of the soft launch will have a set time frame from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm. On Tuesday and Wednesday, it will be from noon to 11:59 pm on Thursday and Friday. The rest of the way in the seven-day soft launch it will be a 24-hour cycle until the week comes to an end.

What Could be Expected After the Soft Launch Period is Over

In simple terms, the sportsbooks that will have access to being a part of the launch hope that the customers will be engaging starting tomorrow. If the soft launch becomes a successful venture without any more delays. The state of Connecticut can expect a full launch available to everyone over the age of 21 by October 19th.

DCP Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull stated,

” We appreciate the hard work of our licensees and their teams, as well as the team at DCP, for their diligence in ensuring these platforms are compliant with the regulations approved by the legislature,…As long as no issues arise, we have told the licensees they may move forward with the 7-day soft launch required in the regulations. Once the soft launch is complete, online gaming will open statewide.”

When the time comes, Governor Ned Lamont believes that the two casinos will bring in projected revenue north of $10 million alone. A portion of the revenue generated will go back to the state and be used for whatever is necessary for the many communities in the state. The state will collect 13.75% in taxes and will be put in a general fund.

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