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NFL Season Just Around the Corner as Circa Sports Announces $10 Million Survivor & Pick’Em Pools

The NFL season is just around the corner, and sports betting platforms are beginning to advertise promotions for the season. This makes sense because of the popularity of the sport. Circa Sports is the latest betting company to make a massive announcement regarding football season.

The Circa Survivor and NFL Pick’Em pools will return in 2021. The contest rules will be the same as 2020, but the prize pool is being drastically enhanced.

The Payout Structure

The prize money in the two Circa Sports contests is substantial relative to other platforms in past seasons. The total pool will be $10 million, and it will be spread out between the two games.

The Survivor and Pick’Em pools are rake-free, meaning all entry fees will go towards the prize pool. Circa will not make money on these contests directly through the entry fees. However, these mega prizes will attract many new bettors to the site.

Circa Sports CEO Derek Stevens gave a quote in the press release announcing the updated payment structure.

“The demand for our contests in the past years was so high we knew we needed to come back bigger and better than ever. Last year we guaranteed $3 million in payouts for Circa Million, and we’re pushing $4 million this year. Survivor was $1 million, and we’re bringing it to $6 million this year for the largest survivor contest ever.”

Players can sign-up in Nevada for the contest beginning on Friday, May 28. People in the state can register at any landlocked Circa Sportsbook or on the mobile app. People outside Nevada can also compete through a proxy to place the bets in the state during the season.

All weekly picks need to be placed in the state, but utilizing a proxy will cause this contest to gain national attention.

The Games

The Circa Survivor pool is the first game of the two. This contest will consist of 20 legs throughout the regular season. The 18 regular season weekends will be included, as well as the Thanksgiving and Christmas slates.

Players will have to pick a straight-up winner every week, but they cannot pick the same victor twice throughout the year. The entries into the contest cost $1,000, which is a hefty fee, but the $1 million prize makes it very enticing.

Each player can place six entries into the Survivor pool. The prize pool may be split, but if any person goes 20-0, they will automatically receive $1 million.

Circa Millions will require players to pick five NFL games against the spread each week. The registration fee for this game is also $1,000, but there is a three-entry limit. The main prize is $1 million, but this contest consists of quarterly rewards throughout the year, unlike the Survivor pool.

Football betting contests have been common in Vegas for a long time, but Circa Sportsbook is reinventing the formula with these massive prices. The two games are expected to draw an enormous amount of attention throughout Nevada and the United States.

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