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Caesars Is Now the Official Sportsbook of Michigan State University

As expected, the seamless merging between the gaming industry and sports institutions remains consistent and unstoppable. Caesars Entertainment Inc announced its new long-term deal with Michigan State University (MSU) Athletics and MSU Sports Properties to become an exclusive sponsor of the school’s athletic program. 

Co-President of Caesars Digital Eric Hession believes the new deal reflects not just how the school has favored excellence within their athletic program but throughout all related administrative aspects

For him, MSU identified the full potential of partnering with Caesars. For the sportsbook operation, the opportunity is far from just being considered another standard franchise negotiation

As Caesars and Michigan State University hold hands over their new partnership, it’s not difficult to picture how this new deal might just pave the way for more to come. 


What’s in It For MSU’s Athletic Program

Aside from just standing as another brand in the market, Caesars ranks as one of the giants in the gaming industry. So naturally, much is expected in return from a large-scale sponsorship deal with the organization. 

For MSU, it starts with getting fans engaged in their athletic program as Caesar’s platforms will become one of the main points of contact between students and their athletic teams. 

Aside from offering multiple digital platforms and better coverage of MSU’s athletic programs, Caesars will also invest in the school’s infrastructure

The deal is to have the sportsbook develop new seating areas at Spartan Stadium and identify the potential for similar projects throughout the school’s different sports-related buildings. 

Caesars will build more seating at MSU’s Spartan Stadium.

In addition, Caesars will also impart a series of educational programs among students and faculty populations to promote responsible engagement with the sports betting industry. 

This last part of the deal is vital to allowing sports franchises and schools to relate to the gaming industry in a way that does not conflict with sports’ core values. 

On the other hand, many people, like Hession, want to promote sportsbooks as trustworthy business allies. In the end, Hession believes their new deal with MSU will set an example of general commercial partnerships which schools and teams can welcome. 


Growing Acceptance of the Gaming Industry

Michigan State Vice President and Director of Athletics, Alan Haller, seems to be on the same page as Caesars’ Hession. For Haller, this new endeavor with the sportsbook will enhance the way fans enjoy the school’s various athletic teams

Haller also highlighted Caesars’ commitment to promoting a sustainable program to educate the public on what responsible gaming stands for

Within the agreement, the sportsbook committed to continue working with organizations such as the Michigan Association on Problem Gambling (MAPG) and teach people about the entire offer these and other programs have.

Some experts think this new deal between Caesars and MSU might just stand as one of the foundations for similar agreements to be announced shortly, as it appears that the growing bond between the gaming industry and sports is still on the rise. 

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