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BetMGM Making A Groundbreaking Move And Partnering With Houston Astros

Texas is still a state without legal sports betting, but there is hope that the laws will soon change. BetMGM is making a big move in the Lone Star State by partnering with Houston Astros.

BetMGM Making a groundbreaking move and Partnering With Houston Astros

BetMGM is already making moves in the state of Texas, even though legal sports betting is still not available in the state. Earlier this week, BetMGM announced that they had reached a deal with the Houston Astros to make it the exclusive sports betting partner of the team.

Baseball is still not a huge sport to bet on in the United States, and it’s obviously still illegal in the state of Texas. The Houston Astros are popular in that state, and BetMGM wants to be ready in case the sports betting rules change in the future.

Minute Maid Park is the home of the Houston Astros, and BetMGM signage will soon become visible throughout the park.

A BetMGM sign will be permanently placed on the outfield wall, and television viewers will see BetMGM as a rotating sign behind home plate.

Even though Texas does not allow residents to bet on sports, that isn’t the case in nearby Louisiana. BetMGM and the MLB team will be working together to create promotions and bonuses for bettors in Louisiana.

The Astros will allow BetMGM to create contests and opportunities for fans to earn or win VIP experiences with the team. If sports betting does become legal in Texas then this deal will allow BetMGM to launch its sports betting app.

Professional Teams Making a Push

The Houston Astros are clearly taking an aggressive approach to legal sports betting, but they are not the only team in the state to do so. The Sports Betting Alliance has been created in the state of Texas, and a handful of professional teams have joined in.

The Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, and Texas Rangers are all a part of the Sports Betting Alliance, and they have spent time lobbying lawmakers. Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys, hopes that Texas will legalize sports betting to give them a fighting chance against other organizations.

All Eyes on 2023?

It’s too late to get a sports betting bill passed in 2022, even though there have been some that have shown up at the table. 2023 appears to be the best chance for Texas to legalize this industry, and there is finally some momentum heading in that direction.

Beto O’Rourke is trying to run for Governor of Texas in 2022 as a Democratic candidate, and he is using sports betting in his campaign. O’Rourke has stated that he will make sports betting a priority if he gets in office, and he has pointed to the amount of revenue that will come pouring in.

There are 11 professional sports teams in Texas, and the state is also home to 30 million people. Texas could become one of the biggest sports betting markets in the United States, and the revenue could hit the $1 billion mark pretty quickly.

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