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Bert Eugene Neff Jr. Tries to Bet 100k on Alabama Game Using Insider Information

According to a report by Pat Forde of Sports Illustrated, Bert Eugene Neff Jr., the individual whose betting activities triggered the investigation resulted in the dismissal of Alabama’s head baseball coach Brad Bohannon, who tried to place a wager exceeding $100,000 on Alabama to lose their game against LSU on April 28. 

Neff reportedly visited a BetMGM Sportsbook in Cincinnati intending to place a substantial cash bet on LSU. However, the amount Neff wanted to wager exceeded the sportsbook’s established limit for college baseball, indicating that it was a large sum in comparison to what is typically permitted for these kinds of bets. 

What Set Authorities Off

Neff’s persistent and desperate attempts to place the wager raised suspicions among the staff at the sportsbook, ultimately leading them to decline his bet. Surveillance footage captured during the interaction revealed Neff in conversation with Bohannon over text. 

These messages included crucial information to Neff about Alabama’s star pitcher, Luke Holman, and that he would not be starting. Shining light on the behind-the-scenes coordination and potential manipulation of the game. 

Utilizing his connections in youth coaching and recruiting, Neff managed to establish contacts within the college baseball community. However, his involvement in betting scandals extends beyond Alabama baseball. 

The report indicates that some of Neff’s associates are currently under investigation by the Indiana Gaming Commission for their alleged attempts to place wagers on the LSU-Alabma game, which took place on the same day, within Neff’s home state. 

This suggests that Neff’s influence and activities extended beyond a single incident, leading to further scrutiny by regulatory authorities. 

Other Incidents Involving Neff

Earlier this year, two assistant coaches from the University of Cincinnati baseball team were dismissed from their positions due to alleged connections with Neff, whose son Andrew was a player on the team. 

Following an investigation, head coach Scott Googins resigned on May 31, further indicating the impact of the scandal on the program. 

Neff is also at the center of an NCAA investigation involving Xavier University. While the NCAA has refrained from providing any official comments regarding ongoing investigations, sources cited by Sports Illustrated have revealed that Neff’s relationships with coaches within the Xavier University program are also under investigation. 

Suggesting a widening investigation, involving multiple universities and programs. This could potentially implicate individuals beyond the immediate Alabama baseball scandal. 

The Sports Illustrated publication further alleges that Bohannon knew about the bets being placed against his team. If these allegations are substantial, Bohannon could face severe repercussions from the NCAA Committee on Infractions. 

Such consequences may result in the termination of his college coaching career, marking a significant and potentially permanent setback for him. No evidence has emerged suggesting that players from Alabama, Cincinnati, or LSU were involved in any of this.

When Sports Handle reached out for a comment, the NCAA declined to acknowledge the existence of the investigation, citing their confidentiality rules regarding pending, current, or potential inquiries. 

Aside from potential penalties from the Ohio Casino Control Commission, Brad Bohannon is also expected to face significant punishment from the NCAA for his involvement in sharing insider information with a bettor, which is strictly prohibited. 

The NCAA may also impose penalties on the schools involved depending on the outcomes of the ongoing investigations. Either way, it seems that Neff and Bohannon will be facing the majority of the punishments. 

The NCAA has also recently made revisions to its rules regarding student-athlete wagering. 

While severe consequences remain for athletes and coaches who bet on their own sports or provide inside information, the updated regulations have reduced potential suspensions for student-athletes who wager on sports other than their own.


The attempted wager by Bert Eugene Neff Jr. on the Alabama vs LSU baseball game, which exceeded the sportsbook’s limit, created suspicions and ultimately led to the refusal of the bet. 

Surveillance footage revealed Neff’s communication with Brad Bohannon, Alabama’s former head coach, who provided insider information about the team’s lineup. 

This series of events highlights the potential risks and consequences associated with illegal sports betting activities and underscores the importance of maintaining the integrity of the game. 

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