Cincinnati Bengals, Wager Score Announce Responsible Sports Betting Partnership

Cincinnati Bengals, Wager Score Announce Responsible Sports Betting Partnership

Wager Score, a patented platform that provides sports bettors with safe, free affordability scores and personalized updates to protect user finances, today announced a partnership with the Cincinnati Bengals to promote responsible sports gaming practices. The partnership comes during a pivotal time in Ohio, as the state opens for legal sports betting on Jan. 1, 2023.

To help empower the public to make informed betting decisions, Wager Score launched the ‘Don’t Fumble Your Finances’ campaign, which aims to educate sports bettors and parents about responsible gambling practices as sports betting rapidly expands in the United States. Wager Score’s fin-tech platform alerts users to timely changes in discretionary income spent on online sports betting, contingent upon gaming operators sharing data, and provides educational insights on how to gamble responsibly and not overspend.

“By relying on state-of-the-art technology and working with multiple partners to ensure gamers have proper access to harm reduction measures, Wager Score provides bettors with a safe, free preemptive tool designed to mitigate problematic gambling behaviors,” said Bo Grey, founder of Wager Score. “To see it come to life with the Bengals’ support to protect the next generation is truly amazing. Together, we are a movement ready to empower Gen Z to take responsible gaming into their own hands and make socially responsible sports betting an industry standard.”

Impact In Ohio

As part of Wager Score’s commitment to social good, Betfred and Wager Score will be donating $100,000 to the Charles Oakley Foundation when the first 1,000 bettors in Ohio take responsible gaming into their own hands by signing up to get their Wager Score and making a qualifying wager on Betfred Sportsbook, the participating gaming operator site.

“At Betfred, we are extremely grateful for the existence of Wager Score,” said Bryan Bennett, Betfred Chief Operating Officer. “The opportunity to partner with a proactive organization, set on a mission to ensure responsible gambling practices, is a slam dunk for us.”

Betfred Sportsbook, the official sports betting partner of the Cincinnati Bengals, is the first sportsbook in an ever-expanding U.S. sports betting market to disclose gaming data that Wager Score needs to provide players with their timely affordability updates and targeted resources to protect the user from reckless behavior.

“As Ohio transitions to legal sports betting, the Bengals plan to work with Wager Score to promote affordability checks to protect the financial health of our fans and community,” said Brian Sells, Cincinnati Bengals Vice President, and Chief Marketing Officer. “This partnership will empower sports fans with resources that can help protect their financial health and mitigate risks of problem play.”

Affordability checks mitigate the possibility of sports bettors getting into financial difficulty and are one of the most critical interventions for mitigating problem play. To bring the technology to life in a way that supports real-world harm reduction, Wager Score partners exclusively with Gamban to provide its users with secure, effective, and free software to easily block gambling sites and applications, helping those with a gambling addiction battle the temptation.

About Wager Score

Wager Score® is a patented technology designed to protect sports bettors’ financial health and minimize the risk of harmful play through the delivery of timely affordability data and responsible gaming education. Wager Score’s first-of-its-kind technology has caught the attention of policymakers and the next generation of increasingly diverse bettors who look to create a more equitable, socially responsible industry.

About Betfred Sportsbook

Betfred Sportsbook is the wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Betfred Group, a Warrington, United Kingdom based bookmaker that owns and operates over 1,500 betting shops in the UK as well as industry leading online and mobile products in the UK and South Africa. Betfred Group, founded by brothers Fred and Peter Done in 1967, created Las Vegas based Betfred Sportsbook in 2019 to enter the robust and ever-expanding U.S. sports betting market. Betfred Sportsbook is a licensed operator in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Louisiana, Arizona, Washington, Maryland, Virginia, and Ohio, with Nevada coming soon pending regulatory approval.

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