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The Best Platform for Daily Fantasy Sports

With sports gambling becoming legal in more states, the proliferation of sports fans participating in daily fantasy sports has increased too.

Daily fantasy sports provide sports fans the ability to pick a lineup every day of the week and compete against other players. Participating in daily fantasy sports is at its most popular during football season, with many fans setting a lineup weekly in their traditional leagues but also playing in a daily format.

With more and more of these platforms popping up, here is a ranking of the best daily fantasy sports platforms for you to play on next.


FanDuel is known best for the market hold on the sports betting world, but it’s also one of the most trusted platforms in daily fantasy sports. FanDuel allows sports fans to place daily wagers on games and create lineups for fantasy sports and win payouts.

FanDuel has the highest number of competitions to choose from, so there is likely to be a mode that you find best and one that increases your chances of winning.

With daily fantasy sports now starting to grow in popularity, there is a nice introduction offered to new participants in the novice league. FanDuel also offers players the opportunity to compete in tournaments and, of course, head-to-head matchups.

What makes FanDuel stand out is that the app offers guaranteed prize pool tournaments, which allows players to know exactly how much you can win when you enter the gameplay.


DraftKings is the largest competitor for FanDuel across the countries, and many actually prefer the DraftKings platform over FanDuel. However, DraftKings doesn’t offer players the same amount of competitions as FanDuel, but DraftKings’ partnership with many teams in Major League Baseball and the National Football League gives them a great platform in those sports.

Kevin Durant scored a rare 100 points in Daily Fantasy Sports during the Brooklyn Nets’ Game 5 win over the Milwaukee Bucks.

The DraftKings app is best regarded for providing fans with expanding fantasy budgets. With the larger budget, players are able to draft more players and additional positions. The larger budget is combined with additional scoring rules, which makes daily fantasy sports on the DraftKings platform popular for players who are looking for a sleeper pick.

The different tools in FanDuel and DraftKings are popular for players and can make draft strategies more fun, but because of the increased scoring methods, DraftKings uses players need to score more points to win.


StarsDraft isn’t as popular as FanDuel or DraftKings, but it is growing in popularity. Owned and occupied by Amaya Gaming and the developers of PokerStars, the main feature of StarsDraft is the Victron function.

StarsDraft took control of Victiv gaming, so players find a new software and design with some really interactive features that are not found on FanDuel or DraftKings. With the Victron function, players adjust the stats to help with drafting, and you can choose what stats are most important to you when drafting your roster.

This feature can help you create a roster that is going to produce the most points for you when competing against other players across the country, but it takes some toying with to really determine the best ways to construct your roster. Once mastered, the Victron function can help you get on a hot streak of beating your opponents and upping your winnings.

StarsDraft is smaller than other platforms like Draft Daily Fantasy and FantasyDraft, but it provides players with some innovative features that many players have learned to really like and use to their advantage. If you’re looking for something new and different, try giving StarsDraft a try, but always remember that FanDuel and DraftKings have a stranglehold on the industry for a reason.

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