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World Cup Futures Bets

With the world cup draw all completed, the eight groups making up the group stage are all set, and the knockout round paths for each group are set as well. Here are the best World Cup futures bets to make before the tournament starts in November.

Germany to Win Group E: +120

The 2014 champions looked to be in a poor position when they were placed into Pot 2, meaning they’d have to face one of the top seven ranked teams in the world automatically in the group stage unless they were drawn into Group A with Qatar.

It wasn’t meant to be, and the Netherlands drew the lucky straw as they were placed alongside the host nation.
Germany was paired with Spain, an already tough group. Good news for the two giants, as Japan and either Costa Rica or New Zealand, will make up the rest of the first stage. Japan isn’t much of a threat at all, and the winner of the intercontinental playoff may be lucky to earn as much as a point.

Spain and Germany are making it out of this group, and that’s known. But Germany as the underdog here is fantastic value. Spain has a mix of experienced and very young players, and although advancing far into the Euros, they didn’t show that they could be ruthless. The Germans meanwhile have rebuffed their squad over the last couple of years and with younger legs, should be out for vengeance after a disappointing group-stage exit in Russia.

Belgium to win Group F: -188

Though favorite, it’s not nearly as poor of a value pick as it is for other Pot 1 countries. This is likely because of their draw against Croatia, the runners-up of the 2018 edition.

But Croatia won’t be able to sustain yet another deep run because their squad just isn’t as talented, and the likelihood of them retaining similar form again is very unlikely. Belgium should take care of longtime absentee Canada as a result of World Cup experience, and Morocco’s lack of talent is going to catch up to them. Their few European stars will only be able to do so much when they face the big boys of UEFA.

Brazil to win Group G: -225

The South American powerhouse is going to annihilate this group. Switzerland and Serbia aren’t even close to Brazil’s level, despite impressive qualifying performances. Cameroon is also one of the worst sides in the draw.

Hammer this now before it gets out of hand.

Portugal to win Group H: -150

Ronaldo’s side isn’t just Ronaldo as it has felt like for the last couple of World Cups. If Portugal is going to take advantage of having Ronaldo in his prime, this is the last year they are going to have that shot in the World Cup.

It’s the only trophy Ronaldo hasn’t won, and he wants it. Alongside him are some of Europe’s finest attackers, midfielders, and defenders, and it’s written in the books that this is their year.

Uruguay is aging and in a weird in-between phase with their squad, and Ghana, though electric come World Tournaments, won’t be any match. South Korea may actually be the team to watch here in this group, and Portugal may slip up by drawing a game or two, but in the end, they will top this group at the end of all six matches.

Brazil to win the World Cup: +450

They are the favorites, but their line is still fantastic value. They have everything they need: experience, youth, midfield, attack, defense, goalkeeping, depth, you name it, and they have it.

Looking for their sixth World Cup title, extending their record, will not be easy, but at those odds, it’s a steal.

France to win the World Cup: +550

A repeat title would be difficult, but this may be the best chance anyone’s had at doing it in a very long time. They pretty much have the same squad as four years ago, and though everyone aged four years, the winning side was relatively young, to begin with.

This means that now they are all more mature, and just as talented as they were when they won the title in dominant fashion.

Portugal to win the World Cup: +1200

As mentioned previously, this is really the best team that Portugal has had in recent memory. They are really a complete side, with every aspect of a football match accounted for.

It’s going to be a tough team to pick altogether, but once it’s picked, it’s going to be strong. Of all the so-called favorites to win, Portugal is tied with the Netherlands for the worst odds. Take this one and ride it ‘til the end.

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