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Will the Dallas Cowboys re-sign Dak Prescott

Cowboys struck gold in the fourth round

Out of all of the quarterbacks selected in the 2016 NFL draft, Dak Prescott remains the only quarterback not benched, traded, or released by the team that drafted them five years ago.

Prescott drafted pick 135 in the fourth round has now outlasted quarterbacks such as number one pick Jared Goff who was recently traded to the Detroit Lions and number two pick Carson Wentz who was benched by Philadelphia in favor of Jalen Hurts.

To no surprise, Dak is in line for a major payday if and when he hits free agency. The question remains: Will the Cowboys re-sign Dak Prescott?

The explosive start to 2020

At the start of the 2020 NFL season, many felt that Prescott was at the top of the list as a favorite to win NFL MVP. Prescott came flying out of the gates throwing for 1,856 in the Cowboy’s first five games.

The Cowboy’s high flying offense was clicking on all cylinders and it appeared that if the Cowboys could step things up on the defensive side of the ball the team had a chance at being a contender. 

Impact of Injury

Everything changed late in the third quarter during a week five matchup against the New York Giants. Prescott took off running downfield on what began as a successful play in a key moment of the game.

Giants cornerback Logan Ryan attempted to tackle the very physical Prescott and when taking him down Prescott’s ankle got caught underneath Ryan’s body and bent sideways. Prescott suffered a season-ending dislocated ankle and his MVP campaign was ended. 

2020 Contract Situation

During the 2020 offseason, the Dallas Cowboys went back and forth between Prescott and his representation negotiating a contract extension. The Cowboys desired a five-year contract worth a reported $175 worth roughly $35 million per year.

Prescott reportedly declined that offer as he desired a contract of only four years so that after the completion of those four years he would once again be able to cash in on the rising salary cap.

Ultimately Prescott and the Cowboys were unable to reach an agreement and the two sides agreed on the franchise tag valued at $31.4 million. The franchise tag gave Dallas control of Prescott for the 2020 season.

2021 Offseason

This offseason is going to be very big for both the Cowboys and Prescott. It has been well known across the league that players do not enjoy being franchise-tagged more than once.

When healthy Prescott made it clear that he is one of the top quarterbacks in the league and is “elite”. When Prescott was off the field the Cowboy’s offense struggled significantly and the Cowboys finished the season 6-10. 

Fans and people across the league believe Prescott will remain in Dallas, but it has begun to seem that it will be under the franchise tag once again due to the severity of injury Prescott is returning from.

If franchised Prescott’s salary would increase from the year before significantly, but the Cowboys still wouldn’t have him under control for the longterm. 

The Price isn’t going down anytime soon

Now I do feel Prescott has a lot to prove coming off a major ankle injury, doctors expect him to fully recover and the Cowboys organization saw just how valuable he is to the team during his absence.

The Cowboys front office knows that the price of quarterbacks continues to rise and signing Dak Prescott to a long term deal before Lamar Jackson or Baker Mayfield hit free-agency will be key.


When it comes down to things Jerry Jones is one of the best at keeping players he feels are cornerstones for his team. Jones has shown that it might be a difficult hard negotiation, but in the end, he is willing to spend the big bucks on players he values.

Recently Jones signed running back Ezekiel Elliott to a six-year $90 million extension and defensive end Demarcus Lawrence to a five-year $105 million extension. Jerry Jones bites the bullet and signs Prescott, to a five year $185 million worth $37 million per year.

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