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Super Bowl 56 Betting Results, Rams win but don’t cover spread

Vegas had the Rams as heavier favorites than most from years past in Super Bowl 56. Because of that, bettors were less inclined to take the Moneyline in favor of the Rams as the payout was not very beneficial, never dipping lower than -190 in favor of LA as it got closer to kickoff.

The spread was a topic that garnered a great deal of debate heading into Sunday night, with close odds for both LA and Cincinnati. Anyone who made a wager on the spread was certainly on the edge of their seat along with the rest of the country.

A big storyline from Sunday was that the Rams were unable to cover the spread which was set at 4.5 at kickoff. Despite the Bengals’ close loss, they covered by just 1.5 points as they kept the game close through every quarter and led through most of the 2nd half.

Bettors who took the over for total points (48) were also disappointed as the Bengals and Rams combined to score just 43.

Individual player bets

If you were in on Cooper Kupp for a touchdown, or just for him to play well on Sunday night in general, then you certainly ended Super Bowl 56 in a good mood. While Kupp came in at under in yards, with a still impressive 92, he found the end zone twice and won Super Bowl MVP. Vegas had Kupp at -162 to score a TD anytime and +600 to win Super Bowl MVP.

Despite having +600 odds pre-game, Cooper Kupp won Super Bowl MVP.

The other Rams player who found the endzone was Odell Beckham Jr who caught the first TD of the game. Taking OBJ to score first turned out to be very profitable on Sunday night as Vegas had him at +800 to do so. OBJ had to come out of the game and miss the rest of it early because of a knee injury, but he got his ring and a touchdown in the Super Bowl to boot.

Stafford finished just under his over/under for passing yards (285.5) with 283. He also threw two interceptions. The odds on Stafford throwing an interception was -139. In addition, he came in just over for rushing yards at 6 as he was listed at 5.5 pre-kickoff. Stafford played decently, but was not nearly as impressive as Kupp, which is a big reason why the Super Bowl MVP award, which is usually a quarterback award, went to the wideout.

On the Bengals’ side, the big storyline from Sunday night was Tee Higgins catching two TD’s. Higgins was listed at +1200 to score 2+ TD’s. $10 would’ve made you $120 on that bet. One of those TD receptions came from Bengals running back, Joe Mixon.

A non-quarterback throwing a TD pass had even less likely odds than Higgins scoring at least twice, with the odds on that at +1500. It’s the first time since the Eagles’ Philly special that a non-quarterback completed a TD pass in the Super Bowl.

While Bengals rookie star receiver Ja’Maar Chase did not score a TD, he did go over for yards. He was listed at 85.5 and came in just over, at 89 yards on 5 receptions.

Bengals receiver Tyler Boyd also covered his individual over/under for receiving yards (45.5) by racking up 48, also on 5 receptions.

The star kicker of the postseason was Cincinnati’s Evan McPherson, whose over/under for Super Bowl 56 was 1.5 at -120. He covered that with makes in both the first and third quarters.

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