Jalen Hurts: The $50 Million Man

Jalen Hurts: The $50 Million Man

Jalen Hurts is set to become an unrestricted free agent in 2024. The Philadelphia Eagles would certainly like to avoid dealing with contract issues next year as they try and close in on an extension with Hurts this offseason.

Resetting the Market

How much Hurts should be paid is an intriguing conversation to be had. Hurts will likely reset the quarterback market when signed.

Howie Roseman, General Manager of the Eagles, has an interesting way of doing business himself. Years ago, when it came time to extend Quarterback Carson Wentz, Roseman got out in front of the market by signing his QB before the rest came down with deals.

While Wentz has since proven to be an ineffective quarterback, the Eagles were able to unload Wentz with relative ease due to signing him early, as his contract did not weigh other teams down.

Dak Prescott and the Cowboys

A similar conundrum came about NFC east rival team, the Dallas Cowboys. The situations are somewhat unique, however, as Jalen Hurts was a first-round pick and would be eligible to be extended on his rookie deal for a fifth-year option, while Dak Prescott was a second-round pick, and as such an option was not built into his league entry contract.

The Cowboys, however, delayed their signing of Prescott and were saddled with a larger contract than previously expected. The Cowboys threw their hands up for a calendar year, claiming Prescott was asking for too much money. Due to stalling the process, Prescott’s asking price rose from 32 to 40 million annually. By waiting to pay Prescott, the team sacrificed precious cap space.

A misconception often thought in today’s NFL media is that “the NFL’s best must be paid the most.” While it seems logical, it is reality. The next quarterback to be paid will usually be the next highest-paid quarterback.

It can be safely assumed that Hurts is seeking a 4–5 year deal while still having a year left on his rookie contract in 2024. The quicker the Eagles can sign hurts, the quicker those numbers are locked in as the salary cap jumps every February. This year the salary cap jumped to 230 million from 208. A sizable increase.


The eagles should sign Jalen Hurts as soon as possible to best preserve their super bowl window.

When the Cowboys finally paid Dak Prescott, NFL fans were left astonished that Prescott was the highest-paid player in the league. Looking back on his contract, Prescott is no longer the highest-paid player in the league. The top-paid player should continuously be shifted based on who is next to sign in the market.

Pay the Man

There is no better evaluation than what Hurts did this year. He was provided the tools to succeed and succeeded.


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