Hottest Props and Parlays for Super Bowl LV

Hottest Props and Parlays for Super Bowl LV

We have you covered on the hottest props and parlays for Super Bowl LV! One of the most fun parts about a big game like the Super Bowl is that you have the opportunity to bet on almost anything you can think of. For the Super Bowl, you have options on betting on total yards, who is going to score a touchdown, who is going to win the first and second half, and a whole lot more. Let’s take a look at some of the more exotic prop bets offered this Super and take into account some of the things that took place this season.

Team to Score the Longest Touchdown

Chiefs -143

Buccaneers +115

When evaluating this bet I feel that there is no way you can bet against Patrick Mahomes and the speedy Kansas City Chiefs. The speed of Tyreek Hill and MeCole Hardman make them the two biggest deep threats in this game.

The 1st Team to 20+ Points

Chiefs -159

Buccaneers +118

Draw +2000

Expect these two offenses to come out firing and the race to 20 will be very important because if one team is unable to keep up it could leave them in a deep hole they might be unable to dig themselves out of.

Player to Throw the 1st Pick of the Game

Patrick Mahomes +140

Tom Brady -177

In the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers, Tom Brady threw three interceptions. Keep an eye out for how well Brady takes care of the ball because against the Chiefs you can not afford to give Patrick Mahomes extra possessions. Turnovers in this game will be very important to who wins the game. 

Player Tackles 

Devin White Over 10.5 (-112) Under 10.5 (-112)

Devin White is the best player on the Buccaneers defense. White has been all over the field this playoff and if the Buccaneers can slow down Mahomes and the Chiefs he will be a major reason they have success. 

Total Sacks 

Chiefs and Buccaneers combined sacks Over 4.5 (+120) Under 4.5 (-148)

Chiefs Over 1.5 (-152) Under 1.5 (+117)

Bucaneers Over 2.5 (+115) Under 2.5 (-143)

Tampa Bay pressured Aaron Rodgers and the Packers relentlessly in the NFC Championship game. Expect the Bucs defensive line to be firing into the backfield led by defensive ends Jason Pierre-Paul and Shaquille Barrett. Pressuring Patrick Mahomes will be a major key to success for Tampa Bay because we all know what Mahomes can do when he is given time.

Time of First Scoring Play

9:00 or more left in Quarter 1 (-143)

8:59 or less left in Quarter 1 (+115)

Expect these two high flying offenses to get off to a fast start. I expect points early and often.

Coin Toss

Heads (-103)

Tails (-103)

Nothing goes into this bet as it is all luck. Before the game even kicks off you will know if your bet hit or lost. This is the most paid attention to coin toss of the entire season.

Any Ruling on the Field Overturned by a coaches challenge

Yes (+115)

No (-143)

The Super Bowl is the most important game of the entire season. No matter what happens every play is important and counts. Don’t be surprised if either Andy Reid or Bruce Arians throws the challenge flag on a close call during an important moment in the game. Every possession counts and you can’t take those challenges home with you so why not use them!


Winner and Total Points

Chiefs win and over 56 (+200)

Chiefs win and under 56 (+205)

Buccaneers win and over 56 (+340)

Buccaneers win and under 56 (+335)

Winner against the spread and Total Points

Chiefs -3 and over 56 (+245)

Chiefs -3 and under 56 (+265)

Buccaneers +3 and over 56 (+280)

Buccaneers +3 and under 56 (+250)

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