When the thrills, excitement, and experiences felt of the game reach a crescendo, it’s always good to know you’ve done all you could to make it the best. College football is not merely a game, it’s the power of new experiences that each season brings.

The beginning of each season sees pre-season forecasts everywhere on predictive outcomes to be anticipated. Stay on the edge of your seat, but mostly, know which bet was profitable.

It is not until the first ball of the season is kicked, or the last touchdown in a championship match is played – the last winnings paid out – that we can judge whether there had been truths to the forecasts. A word to the wise, let’s illuminate some of the highly prized bet types most gamblers like to use in college football.


Statistical analysis is important when it comes to college football. However, the greatest asset any bettor has is knowing and understanding how odds are calculated. This is of critical importance as they predetermine the likelihood of any event.

Understanding probability and factional odds gives you a percentage of both the outcome and how much you may win if your bet pans out.

While not technically a bet, these are the funds used to make certain bets or gameplays last longer. Taking promotions from either sportsbooks or online casinos is one way to increase your betting capacity.

When the stakes are high, any advantage you can gain only works in your favor. Just as in post-season analysis, you should not negate taking time to understand the wagering requirements that are attached with free bets, etc.

Plenty of resources exist where casino bonuses are explained. It also makes it easier for you to choose the most viable method to use when bets need to be placed.


A parlay is a wager type in which two or more bets are linked together to create one bet for a greater payout. The one condition is that all bets have to win. Pre-season predictions become guideline formulas in selecting a parley strategy.

Whether the parlay incorporates a game e.g., Georgia winning the title, the player (Statsone Bennett as MVP), and predictive winning margins. The odds set on the sportsbook platform will guide towards a satisfactory win or loss on the bet.

This is when bettors can mix and match a money line bet – a bet on who the winner of the game will be (with a spread) a bet on the margin of victory. Splicing and spicing of the bet slip during parlay bet placements can sometimes include a total bet which is sometimes referred to as an over/under bet on the total number of points in a game.

It is also possible to place a parlay bet as a live bet. As the odds are continuously changing, this kind of bet would increase your chances to win extra on a live game situation. Remember, certain parlay bets as well may not qualify in the wagering requirement on the turnover when using promotions.


Live betting is fast, and the odds calculations of odds are often compiled by algorithms on online gaming sites. Odds in live betting could rise or fall, for example, Alabama is in the lead after the first 15min – even if the overall odds were in favor of Georgia winning the game. The change in odds for the bet will be reflected in the betting slip.

It happens while the game is in progress. This opens for more interactive predictions of outcomes on immediate action. Most live bets are placed by experienced bettors as it does require a high level of statistical analysis and trusting that gut feeling. It’s like having a rational split where you’re fully immersed in the game, while also still considering how to milk the odds in your favor by placing the right bet.

As the action of the game unfolds, betting instincts are drowned by the ghostly cries of Keith Jackson’s Whoa Nellie. While most betting newcomers are dissuaded from live bets, they are still pretty lucrative.

Keeping your cool while placing an instantaneous wager and waiting for those few seconds of gameplay to happen is a nerve-wracking experience. However, it is the fast cash outs that make this betting one to add to your arsenal.

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