Bets during Baseball Season 

Bets during Baseball Season 

Even though it’s the only sport in the summer, betting baseball is extremely unpredictable. It remains the smartest option to stay consistent in order to get any worthwhile returns. 

Bets during Baseball Season 

In Major League Baseball, the one constant of it that does not exist as much in other sports as day to day randomness. With a 162 game season, the day to day can be hard to predict, and that makes gambling on it difficult for the average fan.

Even great teams start bad pitchers, put out punt lineups, and have days where they just can not perform. To get into baseball, it is important to remember that the long term is usually more reliable than the short term. 


When it comes to randomness in baseball betting, it is just something you can not avoid. It is the nature of a sport in which great hitters strike out 70% of the time, great pitchers have days when they give up 7 runs, and injuries to key players can change seasons.

This season alone, the three teams with the highest payroll in the Yankees, Mets, and Padres are all currently below .500, with head scratching incompetence on the field not feeling indicative of the names on the roster. It is important to keep that in mind when picking a single game, as just about anything can happen on any given day. 

This is pretty different from the NFL, where although anything can happen on any given Sunday, you can mostly make a good prediction based on what is known to you before the game. In the NBA, the best team almost always wins in the playoffs.

The closest comparison is the NHL, where variance in scoring can make games unpredictable. Keep in mind that just because a good team is facing a bad team, it does not always mean they will win the game. 


While we usually can not predict individual games, the point of having a 162 game season is to account for this and reward talented people. While the good team may not win that individual game against a bad team, it remains likely that they will win the series, the season, and most playoff series against the bad team.

Organizations with depth and talent are still smart to bet on, even when they lose good people. The Dodgers lost free agents Corey Seager, Justin Turner, Trea Turner, and Cody Bellinger last season, and are still sitting with the second best record in the National League. It is smart to place your money on these kinds of organizations, ones that can give you good outcomes in the long run. 

That is why it is important to stay consistently invested if you are looking to turn a profit from betting MLB. Your individual bet may go the wrong way, but enough good decisions over time will reward you. The key to making good decisions is knowing this unpredictability is there and not being phased by it.

Placing smaller dollar bets over time will reward you when you act with patience, not haste. Organizations like the Dodgers, Braves, Rays, Yankees, and Astros, despite bad days and even occasionally bad seasons, provide good outcomes. It is important to keep those long term good outcomes in mind instead of expecting quick and easy winnings.

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