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FSU O-Line Takes Huge Hit, Harris out for Season

Florida State won an absolute thriller against Louisana State in New Orleans Sunday night in the Super Dome. However, one notable exclusion from the game was the Seminoles’ right tackle, Bless Harris. On Wednesday, it was announced that Harris would be out for the season. A real loss to an FSU Line that hasn’t been the best in recency.

Harris joins Kayden Lyles on the growing list of injured linemen the Seminoles seem to be collecting. This will be an obvious annoyance to coach Mike Norvell and staff as they had brought in the two via transfer portal to help patch up some holes in that O-line.

FSU’s Recent O-Line Issues

In 2021 the FSU Offense gave up 36 sacks for 252 yards. That with a 34.6% 3rd down conversion rate shows some glaring issues. Norvell understood that the issues started in the trenches and went out and recruited a whopping ten new offensive linemen over the following offseason. This year’s class is the largest haul in the recent history of O-Line players by FSU by a long shot. Averaging around 3 O-Linemen a year for the past five years.

Last year’s squad ranked 74th out of 130 in points per game with an average of 27.6. Norvell understands that the foundation of a competitive program will start with solidifying his front five. Of the ten recruits picked up this offseason, six of them are freshmen, and with two of the four upperclassmen being out with injury, it’s going to be up to this young squad to pick up the slack, which they were able to do against LSU.

Implications Down the Road

If this happened a couple of weeks ago, the lines would jump. FSU showed that despite the injuries to the line, they are still able to put out a competitive product. The Seminoles don’t have another game until the 16th, when they take on Louisville. This extended break will give the front five more time to gel and get on the same page, hopefully clearing up their miscommunications.

I don’t expect the line to waiver too much at this point in time. Louisville had a disappointing outing at Syracuse, as many expect them to at UCF this week. Louisville had a hard time against Syracuse stopping the run; however, when they get to match up against a banged-up offensive line, expect people to try and find that edge in the rushing props.

The Wrap Up

Though you may think FSU is in a bad situation on paper, there is no reason to be alarmed. The young offensive line room is poised with talent and ambition and ready to step up as they did against the Tigers in New Orleans. If there are any valid concerns, it would be depth. The rotation is tight as it is, and any further long-term injuries to the unit could start to spell trouble. However, as of right now, there is no reason to sweat if you’re a Noles fan; all of you can just sit back and enjoy some week three action while basking in your 2-0 record as your team prepares for Louisville.

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