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NBA DFS Strategy Guide: How to Beat the Books

NBA DFS Strategy

Everyone who plays DFS wants to know how to win consistently on DraftKings (DK) and FanDuel (FD) NBA Daily Fantasy and find an NBA DFS strategy. Although there is no actual secret to winning, you can use several strategies to increasing your chances of winning. 

NBA Predictions

It is said that it is easier to predict NBA players than other sports such as football or baseball. There are many scoring opportunities in the NBA, but those are of little importance than the overall score, which is different from a touchdown or home run.

Due to the ease of projections in the NBA, you can usually guess within 10 points of a player’s performance. People think that NBA DFS is easier to win, but everyone who is playing has the same advantage smoothing out the playing field.

In order to get the most accurate projections, you want to focus your strategies on the most effective players. That being said, you don’t want to play all of your elite players on one given day. It would help if you still searched for sleepers to win.


When highly owned players in NBA DFS have big days, the score it takes to have a winning lineup increases. By putting a lot of highly owned players in your lineup, you will need to score way more points to win.

When setting up your lineup, the best strategy is to have a few low-owned players mixed in with some highly owned players. By doing this, you create a good chance to win cash but a great chance to win it all.


Another Strategy used in DFS is stacking. Stacking is known as taking multiple players from the same team and putting them in the lineup. Stacking isn’t that helpful in NBA DFS because the only two things that positively correlate between players are assists and points. 

If you have two players on the same team and one takes a shot and misses, that’s one less potential shot for the other player. While stacking is okay, it’s not the way to have the best possible lineup.

Building a Lineup

The best way to set up a lineup is to find low-priced players due to injuries to their teammates and then use the rest of your salary to buy high-priced players.

An excellent example of this would be if Lebron or Anthony Davis got injured, you would load up on Lakers players because they will have to share spread the production Lebron or AD would’ve provided.

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Multiplier Strategy

On DraftKings and FanDuel, people are able to pick a player to be a captain and get a 1.5x multiplier in points. On DK, you want to put a higher-priced player as your captain.

 If you get a cheap captain, the number of good player combinations will be limited because you want to spend most of your money. 

On FanDuel, there are 2x,1.5x,1.2x, and two 1x players, but there are a lot fewer good lines up because you don’t see low-priced players outplaying high-priced players very often. 

You’re going to want to have some money left over in order to get a good and unique combination of players to build the strongest squad on FD.

Victory in DFS

NBA DFS is all about being up to date with information because a great lineup could turn into a poor lineup ten minutes later due to injury. You want to develop an effective and quick NBA DFS strategy so you can set your line up right before they are locked.

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