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Dallas Mavericks @ Los Angeles Clippers Betting Preview: Game 7

All of the chips have come down to this. It is one of the most exciting events that can take place in sports: game seven.

You have stars on both sides of the ball in this series, and they have been putting on a show in the second straight year of facing off against each other.

There won’t be much left to say as we head into Sunday and the Dallas Mavericks head on the road to take on the Los Angeles Clippers one last time.

It’s win or go home for both teams now, and the Clippers stepped up to the challenge in game six in Dallas.

No team has won on their home court in this series yet, but we might throw all of the rules out for game seven. Let’s break down the matchup and determine your best bets.

Dallas Mavericks Betting Preview: The role players make or break this team

At this point, we know Luka Doncic is going to show up and take care of business for himself, but will his teammates be able to answer the call?

We saw in game five how Doncic was able to score or assist for nearly every single Dallas basket, and a repeat performance of that game might be the answer.

This system is predicated on the role players making threes, and if they are hitting, this game should be a breeze for Dallas.

Doncic has consistently put up gaudy numbers all series long, but this will be the first game seven of his young career. It’s the ultimate make-or-break moment.

Los Angeles Clippers Betting Preview: The Kawhi Leonard takeover

There was definitely a great amount of contribution from everyone on Los Angeles in game six, but the game was won when Kawhi Leonard decided to take over.

He looked as strong as he did offensively, winning a title in Toronto, and he was able to make shots from all over the floor look incredibly easy.

His play is the whole reason this Clippers’ team made it to game seven, and they are going to need it to win the series.

It will be interesting to see how well Paul George plays in this high-pressure situation, as he notoriously has been made fun of for his failure to show up.

Win or go home in front of their home crowd will bring it out of everyone.

Mavericks vs. Clippers Betting Odds & Lines

Coming into this Sunday game seven matchup, the people over at Jazz Sports have the Los Angeles Clippers favored at home over the Dallas Mavericks by 6.5 points.

A high spread based on this series has gone so far, but with Kawhi reaching a new level, it makes some sense.

Free Betting Pick

It has really all come down to this, and players’ legacies are made in these moments.

A game seven in Los Angeles will determine who moves on, and I think Luka gets it done on the road for the first time in his career.

USA Wager Free Pick: Dallas Mavericks +6.5

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