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3 Best Bets to Win the Scoring Title

The scoring title is a hard thing to win in the NBA. Teams plan around trying to stop the other team’s best player every single night. Furthermore, you need to be consistent throughout the season to keep that average high.

Last season was a tight race between two players; Bradley Beal and Stephen Curry. Curry took the belt in a very close race. However, it is a new season with new rosters.

The same names will be there scoring at a crazy pace. There also might be some newer faces that are putting everything together to crack the top of the leaderboards.

Get ready to place your bets on these three lethal scorers.

3. Damian Lillard (+700)

The one constant about the Portland Trail Blazers is that Damian Lillard is going to be fantastic. Dame has been one of the best scorers over the last decade since he entered the league. Last season was another showcase of that.

He averaged 28.8 points per game last season, while shooting 39% from three. His scoring, mixed in with the shooting, gives him a great chance of leading the league in scoring. In fact, he was third last season.

The only thing standing in his way might be his own teammate, CJ McCollum. McCollum is a great scorer in his own right. He is not on the level of Lillard, but he can average at the 21-23 range.

If he can get on a hot stretch, expect him to be up there in the leaderboards.

2. Bradley Beal (+275)

Bradley Beal is a top notch offensive player in the NBA. He has been for a little while now, but he is stuck in a bad organization in the Washington Wizards. The best way for the Wizards to be successful is for Beal to score in bunches.

Last season was an example of that method. Beal finished second in points per game, behind Stephen Curry, which helped the Wizards sneak into the postseason. That formula might have to go up a level this upcoming season.
Russell Westbrook is no longer with the team and it is all up to Beal for them to generate offense. Look for another 30 plus point season.

However, that might not be able to get the job done, despite him being the favorite.

1. Stephen Curry (+500)

The league leader last season is in prime position to be at the top once again. Curry averaged 32 points per game last season, but he might match it this season as well. The Golden State Warriors are still without a second scorer for the early part of the season.

Klay Thompson is recovering from a torn achilles and won’t be back until January perhaps. Steph might need to carry the load to keep them afloat. They didn’t make the postseason last season, despite the performance by Steph.

There might be a need for him to take it to a level of 35 points per game, while shooting even more threes. He is the greatest three point shooter of all-time, which makes this plausible. The Warriors will need him to be special, which we should be prepared for.

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