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2021-2022 NBA Betting Guide: Top NBA States for Betting In the USA

Now that betting on NBA and Basketball is legal, the battle for the best odds across the states is real!

Which US states can you wager on NBA games and win? Plus, what makes these states valued for NBA betting? Whether you are betting through a physical sportsbook or online, knowing the best teams improves your chances of winning.

Previously, NEVADA was the hot zone for NBA betting, and everything regarding betting was legal. Currently, more states are adding, and the list is snowballing.

Here are the States that matter most for NBA betting!

The Pennsylvania NBA Betting

Obviously, the NBA in North America comes second most popular to bet on after NFL. As such, you are sure of great winnings when you place correctly.

PA has a significant population, of which most bet on NBA games. The popularity makes the games easy to predict and wager for wins. However, the new season seems more brutal, and that is why you need more analysis before staking for your favorites.

As preseason approaches, PA Sixers fit the favorites across, and as such, betting on them puts you ahead.

What’s more? You can bet through sportsbooks like Forx, Parks, and FanDuel in the PA.

Michigan NBA Betting

Now that Michigan legalized the betting market in 2021, over 12 apps with physical sportsbooks are available.

Michigan has the Detroit Pistons as the favorites for the title. And the preseason begins soon with the Spurs ready to engage the Pistons. Pistons are the favorites where you can wager and win because of the enormous fan base with proximity to great Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana.

If attention is part of the NBA, then Michigan teams attract a lot of attention.

Illinois NBA Betting

One thing about NBA betting in Illinois is the availability of retail and online sportsbooks. As such, betting becomes easy. However, you need to finish registration by visiting a casino.

Once you register, the famous Chicago Bulls are the favorites. Visit supreme betting apps available and place your bets for the NBA season.

Illinois betting guarantees the best tips, best odds, and IL sportsbooks.

Colorado NBA Betting

The Denver Nuggets team is the reason you need to stake in Colorado. These are favorites, and historically the team has had successful seasons.

Now that sportsbook apps and retail casinos offer betting opportunities; you can visit Cripple Creek, Century City, and Black Hawk to place your NBA bet.

Again, placing NBA bets in Colorado requires mature individuals 21 years and above in a sportsbook.

New Jersey NBA Betting

New Jersey is a betting hub for betters ready to win with the NBA games. Famous teams like the Philadelphia 76ers, Brooklyn Nets, and the New York Knicks have great odds for rooting.

Adjacent to NYC, New Jersey betting has an advantage since NYC residents visit the state for betting.


Are you betting on your favorites this weekend? These top states guarantee you more wins. You can try them. Understand that different States have varying regulations regarding betting. Be cautious.

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