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São Paulo Grand Prix Betting News

Formula 1 returns to the home of the legendary Ayrton Senna for the São Paulo Grand Prix, formerly known as the Brazilian Grand Prix. As a reminder, with this being the final F1 Sprint Race of the 2022 season, there are three sessions you can bet on this weekend across the entire weekend.

The cars are built, and qualifying is a few hours away as of publication. Without any hesitation, let’s dive into the Formula 1 Sāo Paulo Grand Prix betting news that matters to your betting ticket.

And, yes, you should pick the number 1 car to win all three sessions.

McLaren, Lando Norris, and Nick de Vries: A Potential Emergency Replacement Drive for de Vries

Once McLaren had the MCL-36’s built, Mercedes/McLaren/Williams reserve driver and future Alpha Tauri driver Nick de Vries was spotted in the McLaren garage in a McLaren team kit.


Lando Norris is sick with rumored food poisoning. If Norris cannot get into the MCL-36, McLaren has recruited de Vries and completed an emergency seat fit as a precaution. Even when Norris climbs into the car, he may struggle a little bit with pace.

This opens up a couple of options. First: deVries could be a betting target for alternative qualifying betting lines like a top-10 finish. Second, we’d avoid Norris as a pick in a head-to-head betting matchup or for a top-10 finish.

This could be a moment to take Fernando Alonso, Esteban Ocon, or Daniel Riccardo in a head-to-head driver wager against Norris in the Sprint and the

And if Norris is in the car for Friday’s qualifying session, we’d avoid any wagers on Norris but will watch his performance very closely. You might find that Norris has some sporting magic in him and provides an amazing performance despite being sick.

Daniel Ricciardo Is Going Home In More Ways Than One

As Formula 1 continues to grow in popularity, so do the available betting lines. You might even find alternative futures on Daniel Ricciardo’s future. If there is an option to pick Ricciardo going home, you should take that bet.

That’s because Daniel Ricciardo is going home in more ways than one. Ricciardo will take a “sabbatical” from Formula 1 and return to Australia. Yet, most expect Ricciardo’s “sabbatical” to be as a reserve driver for either Mercedes or Red Bull. If you can find lines on Ricciardo’s future, just like the Sāo Paulo Grand Prix, pick Red Bull.

Christian Horner used the phrase “come home” when rumors swirled about a potential Sebastian Vettel return to Red Bull following his Ferrari departure. You should also remember that Red Ball wanted Ricciardo to stay in the fold and was shocked when Ricciardo jumped to Renault.

Ricciardo hanging out in the garage waiting for an opportunity at the front of the grid in 2024 will put unbelievable pressure on Red Bull’s current number 2 driver, Sergio Perez. If Ricciardo goes to Red Bull in a reserve role, Perez will have three drivers in the organization aiming for his seat next to Max Verstappen in 2024z: Ricciardo, de Vries, and Yuki Tsunoda.

Sāo Paulo Grand Prix Betting Insights – Quick Hits

As a reminder from our last article, you should pick Mercedes’ George Russell to finish in the top 6. If Russell finishes in the top six during the Grand Prix, that will mark the eighteenth race of twenty-one that Russell has finished P6 or higher.

Alpha Tauri’s Pierre Gasly doesn’t have success on sprint weekends. To further compound Gasly’s chronic Sprint Race issues is the fact that Gasly is one penalty point away from a race ban. This could affect Gasly’s performance in the final two weekends of the year AND the first seven races of the 2023 Formula 1 when Gasly will have the first penalty points removed from his FIA super license.

You should take Red Bull and Mercedes to finish in the points and the top six. You can find lines for each driver or the team as a whole to land both cars in those positions. Like Russell in the top 6 or Verstappen to win, these picks are a lock.

Finally, Alpine has the fourth fastest car. That’s an objective fact and has nothing to do with our admiration of Fernando Alonso. Another objective fact: Alpine has suffered reliability issues all season long.

If Alpine can keep both cars on track, they will land both cars in the top 10. You can find favorable odds on Alpine to land both cars in the Top 10, although be wary of reliability issues that seem to crop up on race days before placing a wager.

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