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Take the Mets to Win the 2022 World Series

After a disappointing 2021 campaign, it’s been a statement offseason for the New York Mets’ front office. Newly appointed General Manager Billy Eppler along with 2nd year owner Steve Cohen have made some huge pickups.

In this offseason alone, the Mets have acquired Cy Young winner Max Scherzer and solid position players in Starling Marte, Mark Canha and Eduardo Escobar. And they may not be done yet as there are rumors of management wanting to pursue MVP Kris Bryant or re-sign outfielder Michael Conforto.

The Mets are currently tied for the 5th best odds to win the World Series at +1025, and they’re due for one.

Why the Mets?

It’s understandable that people are scared to trust the Mets for such a long term bet… because well… It’s the Mets.

This squad has a different feel to it than in years past however. The Mets obviously came up short in 2021, but they spent a good chunk of the season in first place and showed that they can win ball games consistently.

Last season, it was ultimately poor offensive performance late in the season coupled with the absence of the world’s greatest pitcher Jacob deGrom that held them back from playing October ball.

Their season was hindered by injuries and underwhelming performances from guys like Francisco Lindor who are supposed to be a linchpin for this New York ballclub.

It took 2021 to work out the kinks of how this team will perform on the diamond. Now that that’s past them and they’ve added solid position players and a World Series winner and one of the best pitchers in baseball in Max Scherzer, there’s no telling the damage this team could do in the NL East.

Now with the universal DH in place, the Mets can bolster their offense and remedy their offensive troubles from late last season.

Winning the East shouldn’t be a problem for the Mets. Their only real competition is the Atlanta Braves who may very well lose MVP first baseman Freddie Freeman.

This team is hungry for October baseball and a shortened season may actually be a good thing for them as it’ll allow deGrom to make less starts and potentially stave off another injury.

The Inside story

The fact that the Mets do not have higher odds to win the World Series is surprising quite frankly. The Yankees and Dodgers who have made no serious offseason moves, and who both came up short in the postseason are both valued to win the Fall Classic better than the Mets.

If you’re looking for a good MLB futures bet, look no further. This is a team that is all but certain to win the NL East, and now with an expanded MLB playoff bracket, their chances of making it to October go up even further.

The Mets haven’t been to the playoffs since 2016 and haven’t won it all since 1986, so they’re due for one, and the level of talent on this team for 2022 is overflowing.

Once the season finally starts, the Mets will have to win and win big, but with this new experience they’ve brought in that shouldn’t be in doubt.

Even without the new acquisitions from this offseason there’s still so much talent and experience on this team.

Slugging first baseman Pete Alonso is the home-run derby champ back to back years, and brings a flair to this team that’s undeniable.

There’s no reason not to put $20 on the Mets right now at +1025 considering how much potential there is here. The value on this bet is insane and the fact that the Yankees and Blue Jays both have better odds to win the World Series right now is mind-boggling.

Neither made any offseason acquisitions even remotely on-par with the Mets and they play in a much more competitive division.

If you’re interested in this bet, take it before the lockout ends as the Mets will likely try to pounce on another big free-agent like Kris Bryant or potentially starting pitcher Carlos Rodon.

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