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Kyle Schwarber MVP Potential

Who is Kyle Schwarber

Kyle Schwarber is a 28-year-old left fielder for the Washington Nationals that has never made an All-Star team; yet he has soared in the MVP conversation after a historical stretch, the likes of which have rarely been seen before.

The first-year member of the Nats has hit 16 home runs in his last 18 games, including a jaw-dropping performance against the New York Mets during which he hit three home runs. Eight days later the red-hot Schwarber socked two balls over the outfield fence, prompting Mets’ manager, Luis Rojas, to offer a concession speech after the game.

“We’ve tried everything,” said Rojas. “This guy is swinging a hot bat.”

Historical Impact

Swinging a hot bat does not do the lefty enough justice, however; Schwarber’s 16 homers this month are the most in Major-League history for a leadoff batter, and he joined Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa as the only players to hit 15 homers in a seventeen-game stretch. To put this in perspective, Bonds is the MLB’s all-time leader in home runs in a season and for a career, and Sosa is third for a season mark and ninth for a career.

Bonds played 153 games during his record-setting season, blasting 73 deep shots in the process; Schwarber’s recent rate of production would demolish this mark, even though he is only tied for third in baseball with 25 home runs through 70 games.

The fan-favorite’s best season came in 2019 when he left the park 38 times in 155 appearances for the Chicago Cubs; he is on pace to blow past this mark and set a personal record for runs batted in, currently sitting in eighth place with 53.

Bet on Kyle Schwarber MVP?

Bet on Kyle Schwarber to win the MVP— at +3500 odds on FanDuel, the leadoff slugger offers tremendous value for a player amid a legendary hot streak.

The main roadblock for the MVP trophy is Jacob deGrom, a New York Mets pitcher that is also on pace to set records with a 0.69 earned run average. deGrom has +115 odds to capture the trophy, slightly ahead of Fernando Tatis Jr. at +160. Tatis himself has had an excellent season with the third-highest home run total and fourth-most RBIs, all while batting .298.

Ronald Acuna Jr. is third in the oddsmakers’ eyes at +450, and Jesse Winker is level with Schwarber at +3500.

Bet on Kyle Schwarber for MVP!

Look, Schwarber is not a better player than deGrom, Tatis Jr., Acuna Jr., or Winker, but he is hotter than all of them; even deGrom allowed two earned runs in six innings against the Philadelphia Phillies in his last appearance.

Schwarber offers a tremendous return at his current value, giving a $3,400 profit on a $100 bet if he does manage to capture the National League MVP trophy. Betting a smaller amount of money would be advisable, given the pedigree and career accomplishments of his competition for the award, but he deserves a bet nonetheless.

Buying into Kyle Schwarber MVP stock is like investing in a passion project and letting it capture a special place in your heart. He does not have the biggest name, he does not have the most acclaim, and he was on nobody’s pre-season MVP list— but he is playing better than any other player in baseball.

A few more months near this level, and Kyle Schwarber will be the National League’s Most Valuable Player.

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