Bets during Baseball Season 

MLB Stat Total Props to Bet On

MLB Stat Total Props: MLB team props are bets that include any wagers on team statistics that are not dependent on the outcome of the game. Examples of MLB team props are Team to score first in the game

Will there be a run scored in the first inning?

Total Hits, Runs, and Errors for both teams combined (over/under), First team to reach 3 runs in the game, Specific team’s total runs (over/under), Total Home Runs hit in the game combined (over/under).

MLB player props are any wagers that have to do with the player’s statistics in a specific game. Most player prob beats involve over/unders or player vs player wager on player game stats.

Examples of player prop bets are Total Hits, Runs and RBI’s (over/under), Total Strikeouts (over/under), Will a player hit a Home Run? (Basically over/under 0.5),Most Hits, Runs and RBI’s (player vs player), Most Strikeouts (player vs player)

We know prop bets can cover basically anything that could happen in a baseball game but a good amount of strategies come from hitting events such as who will be the first player to get a hit or who will hit the first home run.

Let’s talk about some of the best player props for the long MLB season.

Total Bases

If you like betting on individual players or a specific star of the game. This bet is about the total bases that a player will have in a game including singles, doubles, triples, and home runs. Walks and hit by pitches do not count.

If you know the pitching that game isn’t going to top players in the rotation then this is also a great time to bet total bases. You need to do your research and know-how good an individual player is against that specific pitcher is the most important thing when it comes to winning this bet.


This bet is about who will have the most combined hits+runs+RBI’s? This player prop allows you to bet on the success of a player vs. the success of a team.

You don’t need to worry about the final score and betting multiple players with multiple teams is a really fun and engaging way to watch baseball throughout the day.

Hits. Yes or No?

This bet is just like it sounds. Bettors will put their money on whether or not an individual will get a hit during that game or not. This prop is easy and doesn’t require much research and will end up having a high reward.

Player props are a great bet for people who don’t like to do too much homework before placing bets.

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