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MLB Odds 7/26 – Series Begins in New York

As we begin to hit triple digits in games played this season, we start to see teams diving off of winning streaks and splashing into mediocrity. We see the deserved leaders at the top while the rest float and hope for scraps in the form of a Wild Card shot.

Tuesday’s games are feeding grounds. There are 9 MLB games to be played, but I’m here to preview 3, including a bout between the Mets and Yankees in Queens. Some of these games will be close, and there are some steals on the market.

Rays vs. Orioles

As much as they differ in the MLB standings, these two MLB teams are closer in skill than you’d think. Both following a 6-4 last 10 games, it’s a fairly even stretch.

The Rays control the spread (-125) while the Orioles sit behind (+104). With the Rays over 7.5 (-118) and the Orioles under (-104), the game seems set in stone.

However, with Shane McClanahan in the lineup tomorrow, things look pretty grim for an arguably bottom 5 hitting team in the league. If Baltimore wants to take an upset, their offense needs to step it up.

Rangers vs. Mariners

In another MLB in-division game, the Mariners’ hot streak may be interrupted by Texas. With the Rangers looking for momentum, this may be the best day to make a steal.

The Mariners are -1.5 in the spread (+130) while the Rangers sit behind with +1.5 (-156). A lot of betters have their money on Seattle, and I don’t blame them.

The Rangers are -112 on over 8, with Mariners under 8 at -108. Neither of these teams are phenomenal on the mound, but George Kirby’s rookie season has been fun to watch.

There’s a clear favorite to this game, but in-division play can get tough. However, with Monday’s slow start and Texas playing in Seattle, it may be tough for a road team W.

Yankees vs. Mets

My favorite game of the day with the most unique picks I have the battle of New York in Queens. With the Yankees starting Jordan Montgomery, the Mets’ batting rotation is in uncharted territory. However, the Mets starting Taijuan Walker with a 2.55 ERA may be the best move for a powerhouse Yankees squad.

The Yanks are the favorites for the night, winning the -1.5 spread with +155, while the Mets sit at +1.5 with -188. The Yankees are holding on to the eight runs over at -114, while the Mets stay under with – 105.

However, despite this, I wouldn’t shake off the Mets so easily. The Mets are less than 10 MLB games off from the Yankees record and remain one of the best teams in baseball. Along with this, the Mets are playing at home, which, even in New York, holds a lot of value.

Two of the best teams in the MLB duking it out at Citi Field this weekend, along with some great divisional rivalries. Tuesday is going to be a blast for betters, and for the viewers as well.

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