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Winnipeg vs Edmonton Prediction CFL & Preview

Looking for Winnipeg vs Edmonton prediction and preview? If you are, you came just to the right place. Keep reading and check out this prediction before placing any bets!

Quick Prediction:

  • Winnipeg will win the game
  • Winnipeg will cover the spread
  • The game final score will be under the predicted total points

The game will be a divisional game between the leader and the team right next to the ceiling. The team’s records are Winnipeg 5-1 and Edmonton is 2-3. This game is predicted to be close, and it’s a divisional game, so it could happen. 

This game could get Edmonton back into the mix of things if they can pull out a win. Winnipeg will even further their lead if they can get a win. Let’s get into the prediction of Winnipeg vs Edmonton.

Winnipeg vs Edmonton Prediction: Spread.

The spread for the game is Winnipeg -3.5 according to PointsBet. This is easily achievable for the Blue Bombers, the team’s total points average are about a four-point difference. Based on that and Winnipeg is the better all around, they’ll cover the spread.

The game will be close, but Winnipeg will be able to score and limit Edmonton enough to cover the spread. Also, the great defense will make it hard to score against the Blue Bombers. Winnipeg will win the game by 10 points.

Winnipeg vs Edmonton Prediction: MoneyLine

Simply put Winnipeg is a championship contender, and Edmonton is a team that’s on the verge of a rebuild. It’s hard to win a game when the opposing team has a better defense and offense. Edmonton is going to have to score more than 20 points and limit Winnipeg’s offense.

Edmonton does average more offense yards in passing and rushing. Winnipeg has the better defense, and their defense is one of the best in the CFL. Also, it seems like Edmonton seems to have the turnover bug.

If Edmonton wants to withey will have to keep this game a low-scoring game, because Edmonton will have trouble scoring. The Elks will also have to keep the ball in their possession. They can not happen, they will have to play their best game of the season to win.

Winnipeg vs Edmonton Prediction: Total Points

A good defense and a struggling team like the Elks usually spells trouble for the total point line. The total points is predicted to be 44.5, and we predict that this game will be under the total points. The final score will be Winnipeg 27 to Edmonton 17. 

Edmonton is really going to struggle to score the ball, and they also probably have turnover trouble. That hints at the low score for Edmonton, and Winnipeg will capitalize on those opportunities. It might sound close, but expect a couple of scores for Edmonton late in the game.

Prop Predictions

Elks quarterback will have one touchdown, two picks, and about 250 yards on offense. He’s going to have trouble scoring against the ball-hawking defense of Winnipeg. The rest of the points will be scored by the kicker and the running backs.

For Winnipeg, their offense will have more total offense yards. Their quarterback will have about 2 touchdowns, no picks, and about 275 yardages. Winnipeg will have the advantage of not playing a top-tier offense. 

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