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Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks Series: Betting Preview

Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks Series: Betting Preview – It has finally come! The matchup so many people have been waiting for, the Nets Big 3 versus the Bucks Big 3. Game 1 of the 2nd round in the NBA Playoffs will be held in Barclays Center where Nets fans are very confident that their team will have an easy win.

Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks

Brooklyn beat the Celtics 4-1 in the first round and very convincingly the last 2 games as well. The Nets are most people’s favorites to win this series and win the Eastern Conference.

Milwaukee swept the Miami Heat 4-0 without any problems. The addition of Jrue Holiday has made this team much scarier offensively and for sure defensively.

The Importance of Defense and Rebounding in the Series

Milwaukee has some of the best defenders in the league with Jrue Holiday, Gianins Antetokounmpo and Brook Lopez on their team. With how many amazing options the Nets have these 3 defenders are going to need to step up.

With Holiday probably guarding Kyrie Irving and Giannis guarding Kevin Durant it will probably open up James Harden as the Brooklyn Nets number 1 option which is what they like to run.

The Nets are not known to be the best defending team, but they have one of the best on ball defenders in the league in Bruce Brown who is usually their 6th man. Brown will be playing very impactful minutes and will need to outplay Jrue Holiday.

Rebounding may be the most important part of this series. The Brooklyn Nets do not play a true center in their team. Usually former all stars Blake Griffin or Kevin Durant will be playing at the position with Nicolas Claxton getting some minutes off the bench. Griffin and Durant are players who do not love to be in the paint anymore, so players off the bench such as Claxton and Bruce Brown will be very important.

Giannis has been averaging a crazy 15 rebounds per game in the playoffs, and I expect that to go up in this series, as mentioned before the Nets do not have great rebounders who will be on the court at the same time as the Greek Freak.

Durant and Irving’s Legacy

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving both left great teams who were fighting for championships to play together, with both of them not liking being the somewhat 2nd option on their team.

To win this series, Durant and Irving are going to need to be both looking for an open man. I know that sounds obvious, but with the quality of players the Nets have there will be open players. With two great 3 point shooters, Joe Harris and Landry Shament, on the Nets it’ll be difficult to try to double team the Nets Big 3.

My Favorite Bets

Joe Harris Over on 3’s

Throughout the season the Milwaukee Bucks have struggled defending the 3 point line. With the Nets having the arguably best 3 point shooter in the league in Joe Harris. I’d be betting Joe Harris over on 3’s almost every game. I expect him to be shooting seven to ten 3 pointers a game and making 3 plus a game.

Giannis over on assists and rebounds

Giannis will be in the paint a lot grabbing 15 plus rebounds a game as he averaged round 1 against the Miami Heat, and as explained earlier the Nets are a much weaker rebounding team. Giannis will also be getting double teamed a lot and finding open shooters who will make their shots.

Game 1 Prediction
Bucks: 103
Nets: 108

It’s going to be a close game throughout all four quarters but the Nets have better finishers than the Bucks.

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