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What Is The Difference Between NBA And NFL Betting?

With NBA season beginning and Super Bowl season already started, it would probably be mind boggling trying to choose between the two. In a real sense, you would participate in both if indeed you want to.

However, the question remains, which one would bring in the best odds? A few may argue that the NBA would not be a match to what the NFL would bring to the table. But hey, stress not, let’s analyse a little about how both would affect your overall return.

Most Popular Bets on NBA

In line with the level of competition between the NFL and the NBA seasons, there’s the point of points spread and totals being the most common bets. Without a doubt, they offer a heavy effect per game with the bettors having to choose one side.

With moneyline bets in the NBA, the beginners would learn a ton about the art of betting without necessarily going through the headache of coming up with spreads.

Parlay bets also stand a chance in acquiring a fortune depending on how the arena is packed on an NBA night.With these, you have the option of tying down several favourites for maximum profit. It’s ultimately a high-risk high-reward type of bet.

Most Popular Bets on NFL

For general betting coverages, most NFL games are analysed according to which side would key in a superb performance. With that in mind, two things fully come to light: the point spread and the total.

For a beginner, live betting would probably serve the best satisfaction. This kind of bet has taken the window by surprise where you are eligible to place bets while the game is underway.
Here you have the opportunity to narrow down to halves and quarters and even individual plays.

Fantasy football also carries a lot of weight in the bettors world especially because it is based on individual player performance. With the statistics, the bettor could easily judge the play offs thus guaranteeing profit.

Pros And Cons of NFL Betting

The NFL definitely stands out in the US betting sportsbooks every season. The adrenaline and thrill that comes with each football game does get the better part of fans which in turn grows the pride in winning a bet on one of them.

Here are some pros involving betting with the NFL:

  • Very easy to find information due to live coverage
  • Increased parity between teams during the season
  • Most popular sport in the betting window in the US

On the down side;

  • Endless charter due to popularity can lead to distorted information
  • Spreads and totals take long to beat and crack
  • The lines are unpredictable and can move at any time

Pros And Cons of NBA Betting

The NBA is obviously a hearty competitor to the NFL season, hence it’s not a wonder that they might share a lot of the pros and cons.

Here are some pros that come about with NBA betting:

  • Goes hand in hand with props and live betting in most games
  • There are more betting opportunities in a week in accordance with the number of games
  • Seconds the NFL in popularity and thus is important in the betting window
  • There’s a rather easy live coverage of the games

The cons would be:

  • Little time to research on the points of spread
  • Failure of a star player in the game is a major set back
  • Injury information is not clear


What is the best bet for a beginner you may ask?

Well, the answer is relative. What game do you like? If the NFL thrills you the most, what’s the harm? Looking to spend more time analysing the bets for maximum profit, the NBA would definitely quench your thirst.


If you are wondering if you can juggle between both NFL and NBA bets, I come bearing good news, YOU CAN! It all depends on the amount of time you have. If you want to participate daily, you could focus on the NBA for the first four days of the week then leave the rest for the NFL.

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