Sports Illustrated, the magazine, is one of the most popular, reputed and trusted names in sports, dating back to 1954. However, it has gone a step forward and entered the sports betting market. It launched its first sportsbook in Colorado in 2021, and will undoubtedly be looking to add new ground going forward.

Whenever you find yourself considering taking the step into the betting and gambling industry, for your benefit, make sure that the sportsbook or the online sports betting site you are using is trusted, reputed, and most importantly, officially licensed. It also helps if the sportsbook has good reviews and user comments. There are countless scams and fraud sportsbooks out there, and you are advised to steer well clear of them. It is recommended by us that you only use reputed and licensed sites to place your wagers, such as SI Sportsbook.

Aside from being a great sportsbook and being trusted as well as officially licensed, SI Sportsbook also has enticing welcome bonuses and promo codes for the bettors using it for their wagers. The fact that SI Sportsbook provides highly attractive promo codes and bonuses is important as this policy helps you make the most out of all your bets, giving you more fulfillment in your gambling and betting experience.

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Sign Up for SI Sportsbook

We provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to sign up for SI Sportsbook and start your betting experience with a high. The signup process for SI Sportsbook is simple and quick, whose credit goes to the developers that created an easy-to-use, minimalist and effective interface for bettors.

When you become a registered user of SI Sportsbook, you are eligible to take maximum advantage of all the new-user perks and attractive welcome bonuses available at the sportsbook, as well as various promo codes made available to you, which you are supposed to utilize in your wagers, so you are more likely to make the most out your placed wagers.

We suggest you follow the steps laid out for you below or watch the video that effectively demonstrates all the steps for you:

  • Visit
  • Hit the “Join Now” button
  • Provide all the information asked of you by the SI Sportsbook, including username, password, full name, home address, phone number, and correct date of birth (provided data is encrypted by
  • Paste the SI Sportsbook bonus code given to you to receive an enticing welcome bonus
  • Pay a visit to the cashier to transfer funds into your account and begin your wagering.

You are legally required to be of the minimum legal age for gambling, which is 21 years old in Colorado, to open a betting account and to place any bet. SI Sportsbook, a fully licensed sportsbook and a completely authorized online betting site, can assure you that you are going to begin wagering on events through a legal and authorized betting service.

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SI Sportsbook Bonus Offers for May 2024

SI Sportsbook competes head-to-head with all the leading online sports betting sites and sportsbooks in terms of amazing offers for bettors to engage in gambling. It has a brilliant new-player offer you are eligible for when you sign up. SI Sportsbook allows you the first bet of up to $7500, absolutely risk-free. This is a new-player offer unmatched by any other sportsbook of its kind.

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SI Sportsbook Promo Code

Promo code coming soon…

How to Claim SI Sportsbook Promo Code?

Claiming a promo code with SI Sportsbook is similar to the method found in many online sportsbooks. It is necessary to first create the account as instructed and then you can proceed to use a promo code.

  • If you don’t already have an account, create one.
  • Confirm the registration of the account via an email received from Sports Illustrated
  • Once confirmed, visit the cashier section to fund the account
  • Include the appropriate promo code in the applicable box.

Video about promo code coming soon!

[section label=”Legal States”]

SI Sportsbook Legal States

While the SI Sportsbook is a very new and upcoming project of the prestigious Sports Illustrated magazine, it has quickly set its mark on the U.S. online betting landscape and has solidly established itself. While currently it is only available in Colorado, it has made no efforts to hide its plans of expanding swiftly throughout the country, especially with its partnership with 888 Sport and Colorado Grande Casino.

SI Sportsbook has clearly stated its intentions of moving into and establishing itself in other states, including New Jersey, Indiana and Iowa, in the near future. Other states will follow after that.

  • Colorado

[section label=”Physical Locations”]

Physical Sportsbooks Using SI Sportsbook in the U.S.

Currently, SI Sportsbook doesn’t have a physical sportsbook in Colorado, even though it is partnered with the Colorado Grande Casino. The casino already had an agreement in place with another operator to include betting kiosks at its property before entering into the partnership with Sports Illustrated. However, in the future, SI Sportsbook will likely have a physical presence in some of the states where it is licensed.

[section label=”Current Promotions”]

Current Promotions at SI Sportsbook

SI Sportsbook is not one of the most promising and upcoming sportsbooks in the U.S. for no reason. While it only launched recently, it has established itself as the “next big thing” in the U.S. gambling landscape, and one of the reasons they have been able to entice new bettors is that they are offering very attractive welcome bonuses, new-user perks, and various promo codes and related events. SI Sportsbook has various promotions and events going on all around the year, so will always have some promotions to take advantage of.

 Present Promotion Campaigns on SI Sportsbook:

1)     SI Sportsbook Free Bet:

This is one of the, if not the most, enticing promotions available on any sportsbook across the US for new bettors looking to enter the gambling industry. It is a promotion that is eligible only for new users who have freshly signed up at the sportsbooks’ site. This promotion is aimed to serve as an icebreaker for new users and make their first bet boldly. SI Sportsbook is offering fresh users a risk-free bet of an amount up to $7500. To claim this promotion for yourself, you need to sign up for SI Sportsbook first, and apply the code “7500BACK.” Then, place a real-money wager on the sportsbook. In case you lose this bet, the amount, up to $7500, will be refunded to your account.

In the case that your lost wager was below $50, you will receive one free bet for the same amount. For example, if the bet you lost was $40, you will get one free bet of $40 to use. However, in the case that your lost bet was over the $50 mark, you will receive equivalent tokens for placing bets, so you can use the amount for placing multiple bets on SI Sportsbook, instead of just one. However, to qualify for this, your initial bet must have minimum odds of, at the very least, -150.

2)     SI Sportsbook Perfect 10:

This is one of the promotions ongoing at SI Sportsbook currently, to keep the existing bettors coming back for more to the sportsbook. This promotion is meant to be an incentive for existing bettors to place bets on games of the National Football League (NFL) and earn free bets for predictions that turn out correct. In this case, if you predict 10 winners of NFL games taking place each week, you receive a single $1 bet for every prediction that turns out to be correct. This promotional event is one of the most used at the SI Sportsbook, being popular with both new and returning users.

3)     SI Sportsbook Three & Win:

This promotion is aimed at both new and returning bettors, to give them an incentive for placing 3+ leg parlay bets on games. In the case of this promotion, if you win a 3+ leg parlay bet, you hereby receive a $20 free bet token at SI Sportsbook.

4)     SI Specials:

This is SI Sportsbook’s version of, perhaps, the most popular and oldest form of promotion found in sportsbooks. This is, of course, daily boosted odds. In the case of SI Sportsbook, the sportsbook offers boosted odds daily but only on special bets, enhanced win casts, and parlays. We must say that this promo is not entirely great, and leaves something to be desired for the average, typical bettor.

[section label=”Sports to Bet On”]

SI Sportsbooks Sports & Betting Markets

Perhaps the most important aspect of any online betting site or sportsbook to be a success is that the services they provide, and the events they cover, span a vast array of activities. They should be able to match, if not lead, the variety of markets and events their rival sportsbooks are covering and offering to their bettors. This is very important if a sportsbook, especially an up-and-coming one, wants to establish itself and set a strong foothold in the gambling industry, least in one as competitive as the one in the U.S. These services and events can be in the form of various sports, such as basketball, football, hockey, soccer, baseball, MMA, Olympics, boxing, golf, tennis, cricket, and many more. It is most important for a sportsbook that it covers, at least, the sports and competitions that are the most popular in its country.

As SI Sportsbook is still an upcoming and promising sportsbook that is looking to establish itself in more states, and expand out of Colorado, the sports and events covered by them, while very decent, are still not extensive, at least not when compared with their rivals. It has a very respectable list of sports and competitions that they cover for their bettors, not least for a fairly new sportsbook, and are always focused on adding more and more sports and events under their umbrella. For now, they cover all the sports played and watched in the U.S., in addition to some niche ones such as competitive darts and table tennis. While everyone may not be able to find their desired sport or event on SI Sportsbook just yet, the vast majority of bettors certainly can.

SI Sportsbook is currently covering the following sports or competitions:

  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Darts
  • Hockey
  • MMA (Ultimate Fighting Championship)
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Golf

[section label=”Odds & Lines”]

Odds & Lines at SI Sportsbook

One of the strengths of SI Sportsbook, especially on that propels its’ establishment among its more successful rivals, is that the odds available for bettors to wager on games compete with, if not better than other sportsbooks. This is very important, because a bettor, especially a seasoned one, will always look to use sportsbooks that provide better odds than others so that his chances of long-term profits are enhanced.

For a regular or seasoned gambler, getting greater odds on a very consistent basis is of utmost importance. Seasoned gamblers make use of competitive odds to generate greater long-term profits in their gambling campaigns. SI Sportsbook understands this because they offer, at the very least, equal odds when compared to other major sportsbooks in the US gambling landscape, if not often better. The bettors are lucky because they can also switch between fractional, decimal, and American odds.

[section label=” Mobile App”]

About the SI Sportsbook Mobile App

In today’s modernizing and ever-changing gambling landscape, every bettor demands the ability to gamble on the go anytime, from anywhere. It is a basic necessity that every major sportsbook just has to offer to its users. Users demand the ability because they do not want to miss out on great promotions, bonuses as well as regular wagering on games simply because they could not access a desktop at that time.

It is pretty much standard for every major sportsbook to have a dedicated mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms. SI Sportsbook, when announced, was expected to provide this facility to its new users, and with Sports Illustrated already having a brilliant digital presence, their new sportsbook was largely expected to be of very high quality.

SI Sportsbook did not disappoint. While the application was announced for both iOS and Android instantly with the launch of their site, the Android application stayed buggy for several weeks, with users reporting spontaneous crashes and data losses, as well as some malware. However, the developers’ team has made efforts to eradicate any such problems, and currently, the mobile application is rated higher than their desktop site. The application is very smooth and very responsive, with a great interface that is both minimalistic and has everything of need in an overall sleek package. Registered bettors can use the great application both on iOS and Android devices to place bets, claim bonuses and promotions, make transfers, collect money and withdraw funds anytime, anywhere, on the go.

[section label=”Live Betting”]

SI Sportsbook Live Betting

Live betting is now hugely popular because it increases the entertainment value of sports betting. SI Sportsbook made sure to include the option when it launched. It offers live betting (or in-play betting), giving users the opportunity to bet on games currently underway. The platform offers plenty of markets and can be accessed by clicking on the Live now button in the main menu.

What SI Sportsbook doesn’t offer, however, is live streaming. This could be a feature that is added in the future but, for now, only live scores are available. There’s no word on when, or if, live streaming will be included.

[section label=”Points Bet Review Video”]

Video Version of SI Sportsbook Sportsbook Review

We will record and embed a YouTube video. No content needed from the writer.

[section label=”Deposits & Withdrawals”]

SI Sportsbook Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

One aspect of sportsbooks that is vital in building user experience and reliability is deposit and withdrawal methods available, and we are disappointed to say, SI Sportsbook does fall short at this hurdle.

Deposit Methods:

SI Sportsbook’s deposit methods are detailed below:

  • Credit Cards: SI Sportsbook accepts MasterCard, Discover, and Visa
  • Debit Cards: It also accepts debit cards affiliated with MasterCard, Discover, or Visa
  • ACH: This is available for users to quickly direct funds to their SI Sportsbook account by checking your bank account
  • PayNearMe: This allows users to make cash deposits into your SI Sportsbook account anytime, from any participating convenience store.
  • Play+ Prepaid Card: An overall convenient and quick service to mobilize funds at a retail sportsbook store to your online account. Users can pay for their Play+ card by a credit card or ACH transfer.
  • Instant Bank Transfer

Withdrawal Methods:

SI Sportsbook lacks when it comes to withdrawal methods, which proves to be a huge pain for the bettors looking to withdraw their money. The only two options available are ACH Bank Transfer and Play+. It would be nice to see SI Sportsbook adding more options for the sake of their customers’ usability and ease.

[section label=”Customer Support”]

SI Sportsbooks Customer Support & Service

You can email SI Sportsbook’s customer support anytime, and their agent will get back to you in a bid to solve your issue. This method is good but slower than other methods of customer support. You can call their customer care helpline to get in direct contact with a customer care expert from 8 am to 11 pm MST to get your issues resolved.

  •       Email:
  •       Phone Number: 1-800-494-0364
  •       Live Chat:  Not available

[section label=”Referral Program”]

Referral Program at SI Sportsbook

Another thing that this up-and-coming promising sportsbook is currently lacking is a referral program. A referral program is great, both for users and for the sportsbook. It allows the users to make more money from the sportsbook, and for the sportsbook, it means more and more dedicated users, not unlike a chain reaction of new users coming onto the site.

[section label=”SI Sportsbook Affiliates”]

How to Become a SI Sportsbook Affiliate?

Currently, it lacks an affiliate program, but we expect to see this available in the future.

[section label=”SI Sportsbook FAQ”]

FAQ for SI Sportsbook

What states is SI Sportsbook available in?

Colorado, with other states preparing for launch.

What software does SI Sportsbook make use of?

Yes. SI Sportsbooks has a mobile sportsbook app you can download from the App Store or Google Play.

Does the sportsbook offer parlay betting?

Yes, there is a variety of options to build parlay bets for most sports.

Does the site have other options in gaming?

For now, it lacks options like poker and other games, and we don’t expect to see them in the SI Sportsbook shortly because its brand’s focus is on sports.

What is the minimum age to use SI Sportsbook?

In accordance with local laws, all bettors must be 21 years old or older.

[section label=”SI Sportsbook VS Others”]

SI Sportsbook vs. Other Sportsbooks

Nothing to write here. We compare SI Sportsbook to other sportsbooks in a series…

  •   SI Sportsbook vs. FanDuel
  •   SI Sportsbook vs. DraftKings
  •   SI Sportsbook vs. BetRivers
  •   SI Sportsbook vs. William Hill
  •   SI Sportsbook vs. BetMGM

[section label=”SI Sportsbook Screenshots”]

SI Sportsbook USA Sportsbook Screenshots

Screenshots coming soon!

[section label=”USA Wager Outlook”]

The USA Wager Outlook on SI Sportsbook

SI Sportsbook is another great venture by the sports media company, Sports Illustrated. It is looking to establish itself and solidify its place in a congested U.S. sports gambling industry, and offers a lot of promise. SI Sportsbook has all the right tools at its disposal to establish itself in the country, and I certainly expect it to become a top name in the betting landscape very soon. SI Sportsbook has some expert partners on its side, with decades of experience in the gaming industry, which will help it find extensive popularity as it expands its reach and takes on some of the larger, more-integrated online sportsbooks.

[section label=”History of SI Sportsbook”]

SI Sportsbook History

While the SI Sportsbook has a relatively short history, the history of its parent company, Sports Illustrated, is anything but. The sports media company is one of the most successful in the US, with millions of people reading their magazine every month. For such a mammoth sports media company, it made perfect sense to take advantage of the rise of the digital betting industry and claim its place there.

The SI Sportsbook is their latest venture to achieve just that. It was made possible through a partnership with the reputed 888 Sports, an already major name in European and American sports, with SI Sportsbook’s platform in Colorado taking over through a rebranding initiative.

While it may be early days for SI Sportsbook, we expect it to grow exponentially and achieve all its objectives set out at its inception by America’s very own, Sports Illustrated.