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Best NHL Futures Bets

With only a couple months left of the NHL season let’s take a look at which futures bets will make you the most money and which ones you should stay away from.

Hart Trophy

Bet Connor McDavid. He is currently the most dominant player on the planet regardless of the sport he plays. At any odds betting him to win the Hart Trophy will be worth it.

Art Ross

Bet Connor McDavid. Yes it is that easy for the first two bets. What McDavid is during this season is stuff that only Wayne Gretzky, and maybe a few more, have ever done in the history of the NHL.

McDavid currently has 18 more points then the next closest player which is his teammate Leon Draisaitl. It will be almost impossible for Draisaitl to catch McDavid since they are teammates and most of Draisaitl’s points will come at the hands of McDavid.

Eastern Conference Champions Futures Bets

The easy pick for eastern conference champion is the Boston Bruins as they are on pace to break the NHL points record for a team in a single season. However, at only +275 is there even money to be made there?

I would lean no, not to say the Bruins won’t make the Stanley Cup final but the odds are just too low. A team like the Carolina Hurricanes at +400 with just as much depth as the Bruins and equal goaltending could spell more money in the long run.

Another team that is worth a bet is the New York Rangers. Currently sitting at +750 and just recently acquiring Vladimir Tarasenko who provides instant offense, for a team that could use some, makes these odds extremely enticing.

Not to mention that the Rangers have a goaltender in Igor Shesterkin that if he gets hot could spell a deep run in the playoffs. Stay away from the Toronto Maple Leafs at +550 as they haven’t moved past the first round since 2004.

Western Conference Champions Futures Bets

First, let’s look at the reigning Stanley Cup Champions in the Colorado Avalanche. They currently sit at +350 which is better odds than the Bruins but have played nowhere close to as well as the Bruins.

The Avalanche have lost both games to the Tampa Bay Lightning in the last two weeks and have had injury problems all year long. For my liking I would stay away from the Avalanche and spend your money elsewhere.

At +600 Las Vegas Golden Knights seem like a hot pick with good odds, however, another team with +600 odds is the better bet. The Dallas Stars have an elite goaltender and in the playoffs one hot goalie can have you signing all the way to the bank.

Not to mention that the Stars have a great mix of young star talent and veterans that played in the Stanley Cup only a couple of years ago. Lastly, for the love of god do not bet anything on the Minnesota Wild to succeed in the playoffs (No explanation needed).

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