Minnesota to Legalize Sports Betting

Minnesota to Legalize Sports Betting

Sports betting used to only be allowed in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or illegal through a bookie. Over the last five years states have started to legalize the activity through sports books in their own states to gain tax revenue.

On February 21, 2023 Minnesota announced they are introducing a bill to join the 36 states, and the District of Columbia, that have already done so, however, horse tracks will not be included right away.


Rep. Zach Stephenson introduced the bill again this year, last year introduced a bill that would make it legal to bet at tribal casinos and on a mobile app. Sen. Jeremy Miller also introduced a bill this week, which will allow for sports betting at casinos, racetracks, sporting events and via mobile apps.

For Stephenson’s bill the tribal casinos would run the majority of the sports betting operations with the money being made for the state going to gambling oversight, youth sports, and helping people with severe gambling problems seek the help they need.


For Minnesota this could provide more tax revenue to the state that could in return be used, like stated above, for youth sports. For a state, like many others, that has had problems finding officials, coaches, and concession for youth tournaments of all sports this could help tremendously.

This also could stop the betting from people living in Minnesota heading to bordering states to place bets and keep the money within the state rather than seeing it leave.

Lastly, this directly impacts the gambling industry related to the casinos for tribal areas in the state. Bringing more money to these areas that don’t have many other forms of business that are operating.


I believe this is a great decision as every state should allow sports betting. Obviously, there will still be illegal gambling taking place across the country as bookies allow bets to be placed on credit unlike legal forms of gambling.

I don’t believe this will lead to anymore forms of gambling addiction as most addicts already find ways to bet, and with some of the money being made from this decision going to help addicts I believe the state is doing everything in their power to still care about their citizens.

Minnesota also is one of the most loyal fan bases in sports and love all of their professional teams, if Sen. Miller’s bill is also passed; this could lead to increase in attendance for the professional sport teams in the state, which could also increase sales for local businesses around these areas and stadiums.

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