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Good News For Maryland As Two More Casinos Cleared for Sports Betting

Betting in the US is becoming a norm as more and more casinos get a node from authorities to allow sports gambling. The state of Nevada has already legalized it, but there are still many states that have not yet done so.

However, this does not mean that all these states will be left behind when they legalize sports betting. In fact, some states like New Jersey and Delaware have been doing well with their online casino sites even before they allowed sports wagering.

What is New In Maryland

If you wager from Maryland, the good news is the authorization of two more casino betting by the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission. It’s been a long wait but a fruitful one.

Governor Larry Hogan asked for a quicker review process to ensure wagers get a chance to bet on the Casinos ’ games.

This was after he signed into law an amendment allowing sports betting at three locations: MGM National Harbor Casino Resort, Ocean Downs Racetrack & Slots, and Parx Racing & Entertainment Center. These were approved last year, but only now can people start placing bets.

The first step towards legalizing sports betting in Maryland was taken back in 2014 when the commission approved four casinos to offer such services.

The Governor said;

“No one is pushing harder than I am to get sports betting up and running here in the State of Maryland.”

What Casinos Have Been Cleared Recently

Hollywood Casino in Perryville and the Ocean Downs Casino in Berlin have been cleared for sports betting. Wagers are set to begin placing bets on NFL, NBA, Horse racing, and Baseball, among other games.

The two new casinos join the earlier authorized casinos like the MGM National Harbor, Live! Casino & Hotel and Baltimore’s Horseshoe casino that got authorization recently.

At the moment, Governor Hogna is optimistic that the Sports Wagering Applicant Review Commission (SWARC) will swiftly approve the request sooner so that punters can begin betting on their favorite sports.

The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director John Martin added that sports wagering is what people want and promise to meet their demands. He also assured residents that the commission would make sure that the rules are followed strictly.

Martin further stated that the commission had received over 100 applications since January 2017 and that most of those who applied did not qualify because they failed to provide sufficient information about themselves or their business.

He explained that the commission had made several changes to streamline the application process, including making it easier to submit documents electronically. In addition, the director noted that the commission had hired additional staff members to handle the increased workload.

However, the director warned against using illegal methods to place bets. This includes hacking websites and using third-party software, which could lead to criminal charges.


Now that betting is becoming real in most of the US States, it is now untappable, or wagers, fans, and players alike will be able to enjoy this exciting experience.

The fact that there are still some states where gambling is prohibited makes it even better, as we all know how much fun it is to gamble online.

It has become very popular, especially with millennials who love playing slots and poker. However, if you live in Maryland, you should definitely consider getting your hands on these amazing opportunities. You may need to register yourself before you can play, though.

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