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Can You Legally Gamble Online in Louisiana?

Legal online gambling is growing in popularity across the US thanks to changes in federal laws, meaning states have the right to set their own rules. 

Since 2018, there has been a rising trend in states legalizing and regulating gambling, including sports betting and online casino gaming. With so many US residents already enjoying online gambling by playing at offshore sites, it makes sense for states to legalize and regulate it. By doing so, they can gain additional tax revenue and ensure that players are protected from shady offshore sites that might not be safe.

Louisiana is one of the many US states to have implemented online gambling laws, regulating the market and allowing gambling sites to operate within the state. On a 2020 ballot measure, voters in 55 of Louisiana’s 64 parishes approved legal wagering in their territories. Louisiana’s sports betting regulation bill was signed into law by Gov. John Bel Edwards in June 2021, allowing up to 41 mobile operators to operate in the state.

The Louisiana sports betting bill authorizes each of the state’s 20 casinos, and pari-mutuel horse races to work with two different online gaming companies. Although state authorities must issue follow-up guidelines and authorize each sportsbook, officials are optimistic that legal betting will commence in early 2022.

Although online sports betting has been legalized in Louisiana, other forms of online gambling are still against the law. This includes online casinos and online poker sites. Louisiana residents looking to enjoy casino gaming or online poker from their desktop or mobile will need to sign up to an offshore site. 

What Kind of Betting is Available in Louisiana?

For now, Louisiana has only legalized sports betting, which means online casinos and poker aren’t available online. Sports fans will be pleased to see a wide range of sports to bet on, however, as well as plenty of exciting betting markets. 

Types of bets available at Louisiana betting sites include:

  • Point Spread – The point spread is one of the most popular ways to bet on matches with a clear favorite and underdog. You’re betting on the point differential between the two teams or the margin of victory. 
  • Moneyline – A Moneyline bet is simply a bet on which of the two teams you think is most likely to win. 
  • First Half/Second Half – Most sporting matches are divided into halves, and the game’s result can be different at the end of the first and second half. Bettors can bet on the outcome for each. 
  • Totals – A totals bet is a bet on how many points in total you think will be scored throughout the game. You can usually bet on over or under a certain amount. 
  • Props – A prop bet is one that’s not directly linked to the game’s outcome but instead is a specific stat for a particular player. For example, you might bet that a player will score a certain number of points. 

How to Use Louisiana Betting Sites

With betting now available to Louisiana, those living in the state are free to sign up and use betting sites. While retail sportsbooks are also available, gambling online is far more convenient, and it’s the preferred method for many bettors. 

Not only does it mean you can bet on your computer, but you’ll also be able to sign up and bet on your smartphone or tablet. Louisiana betting apps can be downloaded and installed on your device, giving you more control over your betting and allowing you to place bets wherever you go.

While betting online is more accessible, it can be confusing if you’ve never used a betting site before. Here are some tips on getting started:

  • You’ll need to create an account before betting – To place bets; you’ll first need to create and verify your account, using your full name, address, and contact information.
  • You can find events to bet on by looking through individual sports or by using the search bar – Online sportsbooks provide a wide range of sports and markets to choose from, so you’ll need to use the menus to find what you’re looking for. 

Most online sportsbooks offer bonuses and other rewards – When you first sign up for a sportsbook, you’ll be able to claim a welcome offer to help you get started.

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