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Most Popular Bets in the Run for the Roses

Horseracing is a global phenomenon, but certain horseracing events made the sport even more popular worldwide. The Triple Crown, for instance, is the biggest horseracing series in the US, with many spectators distributed across numerous countries.

The Triple Crown’s first leg, the Kentucky Derby, dubbed “Run for the Roses” and “Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports,” has a fair share of fans along with the other two events, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes.

The Run for the Roses also has a large betting volume. Let’s discover what specific bets are the most popular in Kentucky Derby and what makes them a crowd favorite.

Standard Wagers

Some wagers existed even before the Triple Crown was inaugurated. Let’s define these standard wagers below:

● Win

This is the most uncomplicated type of bet, and beginners won’t have to try hard. With this bet, you simply pick a horse to win the race. If your horse finishes first, then you win the bet.

● Place

If the horse you’ve picked didn’t finish first and placed second instead, you still win the bet. With this type of bet, you can win with your horse placing first or second.

● Show

This pays out lower than the first two bets we’ve mentioned. All you have to do is pick a horse, and if that horse finishes first, second, or third, you win the bet. This is the safest standard bet for beginners wanting to win their first wager.

Exotic Wagers

This type of bet involves betting on two or more horses in one or multiple races. They are more complicated than standard bets, but the returns are quite attractive. There are two categories of exotic wagers: single-race exotics and multi-race exotics. If you think the standard wagers are no-frills, check out the following exotic wagers.

Single-race Exotics

Also called “vertical” exotics, single-race exotic wagers involve wagering on the order of finish in a specific race. The difficulty increases for every extra finishing position you pick, and so do the potential returns. Here are the vertical bets you can choose from:

● Exacta

This type of bet is the upgraded version of the win-place-show bets. This is more complicated but yields more significant potential payouts than win-place-show bets. In an exacta, you should pick two horses to place first and second in the final order of finish, and if you get the positions in the correct order, you win the bet.

● Quinella

This type of bet isn’t available in all tracks and races. This is quite the same with exacta, except bettors should pick two horses to place first or second in the final order of finish, in any order.

● Trifecta

This is a more complex version of the first two vertical exotics. In a trifecta, bettors select three horses to finish first, second, and third in the final finish of order. If they go in the exact order as the bettor predicted, the bettor wins the bet.

If you’re not confident about betting three horses to come first, second, and third, in exact order, you can box a trifecta and pick three horses for a podium finish in any order.

● Superfecta

Superfecta has quite the same mechanics as exacta and trifecta, except that bettors pick four horses to finish first, second, third, and fourth, in exact order. You are betting for four positions this time, so chances of winning can be slim. However, expect greater returns for this type of bet.

● Super Hi-Five

Super hi-five, also called “pentafecta”, is a wager that involves picking five horses to place first, second, third, fourth, and fifth in exact order. This is considered the most complex and expensive type of bet in horseracing, but it does yield the greatest return among our selections.

Multi-race Exotics

Also called “horizontal” wagers, these types of wagers involve picking winning horses in several consecutive races. This type of wager keeps you interested in a series of races scheduled for the day.

● Double

This type of wager requires bettors to pick winning horses for back-to-back races. It’s also known as the “Daily Double.” Wager costs from $1 to $2.

● Pick 3

For three consecutive races, bettors must pick the three winning horses. Minimum bet amounts fall between 50 cents to $1.

● Pick 4

This is the most popular multi-race wager, where bettors select four horses to win four consecutive races, with a minimum bet of 50 cents. If you want to try this crowd-pleaser, check out Kentucky derby odds on Fanduel and place your bets there.

● Pick 5

You can bet on Pick 5 for as low as 50 cents. Picking five horses to finish first in five consecutive races is challenging. That’s why Pick 5 promises hefty payouts for sharp bettors.

● Pick 6

This is the most complicated horizontal wager, where bettors must pick six horses to claim the title in six consecutive races. Few bettors get winning tickets, so jackpot bonuses are available to entice bettors.


The Kentucky Derby is getting nearer and many spectators are checking out bookies to place bets on the confirmed participating horses. With a thorough understanding of the bets available for the race, bettors can identify which type of wager to focus on and get the highest potential payouts.

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